posted 5 years ago

Motorway Lessons for Learner Drivers

Road safety minister Mr Mike Penning has announced that learners will be able to take to the motorways but only in driving lessons with a qualified instructor

Road safety minister Mr Mike Penning has announced that learners will be able to take to the motorways but only in driving lessons with a qualified instructor.

Mr Penning questioned whether the current test prepared drivers for motorway driving and also said the scheme that allows trainee instructors to give lessons is set to change. He added that there are concerns about the use of trainee licences and the training process for instructors and as part of the work to modernise the driver-training industry this is under review.

The IAM has welcomed the move for lessons on the motorway, chief executive Simon Best said ‘this change will mean that properly supervised young drivers can learn how to drive on a motorway with somebody beside them.'

Brakes campaign director Julie Townsend said “it’s positive the government is looking at measures to reduce risk and develop skills among newly licensed drivers. Young drivers are involved in a huge proportion of crashes that kill and seriously injure because of their inexperience coupled with the tendency of many to take risks.”


AS a motorcycle instructor and no im not being biast but i feel that learner drivers aswell as motorcyclists should be taught how to drive or ride on motorways aswell as leaving merging but teach them on dual carriage ways first because some of the dual garriage ways are the same speed as motorways.Also i feel when they have just past there test they should be limited to a certain cc for 2yrs like on bikes.

Good news to learner drivers, nice to see the government has opened eyes to safer roads. I also think the qualified drivers also need to be re-tested after a few years of driving to reduce all the bad drivers whom think they own the road. Learners need to have their qualifying licence only after a minimum two stage process as stated before. First stage, theory and practical then a motorway test. thanks....

Good idea, also agree that four part test would work also. Steve

I feel that the licencing system for people learning to drive does need to change, as too many people are just learning to pass their theory and practicle tests, and then feel that they can drive! I also feel that their road to a full licence should be a staged one eg. They pass both theory and practicle tests, then only gain their full licence after gaining a pre-determind number of merit points over a period of around one year. Any de-merit points they gain, should mean starting again, and completing an extended test. I also feel that there should be a limit to the number of attempts that a person can take to gain a FULL licence.

I understand that a new driver needs instruction in motorway driving. So why not make it a part of the actual driving test in that a full license is not issued untill the additional motorway section is passed. level one is provisional liscence. level two theory pass. level three normal road test. level four and full licence after passing motorway segment.

As a driving instructor i recommed pupils take pass plus this includes motorway driving this is done when your pupil is confident . Th

How long have we had motorways?...................About time to!!!

This is great news for learner drivers, even if they do not realise it now. Driving Instructors, hopefully, will ensure theri learner drivers are confident on dual carriage roads at 70 MPH before venturing onto the motorways.

My dad was teaching new drivers motorway driving 20 years ago and more after they had passed there test. If they allow learners onto the motorway with poor driving instructors and there are plenty out there, before they can even control the car, I'm steering clear of motorways. It's bad enough that some of these driving instructors take pupils onto main roads that can't even control the car, before getting them to control the car in the minor back roads.