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Motorway Speeding Fine Could Rise To £10,000

Government Considers Higher Fines For Motorists

The Government is considering increasing the maximum fine a magistrates' court can impose for speeding on the motorway to ten thousand pounds. It might also increase the penalties for various other crimes. Offences are categorised in long established levels based on severity. The level one maximum fine could - subject to being passed through Parliament - rise from two hundred pounds to eight hundred. This incorporates crimes such as unauthorised cycle racing on a highway. The level two fine could, in contrast, increase from five hundred pounds to two thousand. Offences include riding a motorcycle without a crash helmet, etc. The level three fine is currently limited to one thousand pounds but could increase to four thousand pounds. Offences include being drunk and disorderly. The level four fine, in contrast, cannot currently exceed two thousand five hundred pounds but could rise to ten. This covers motorway speeding, etc. The Government's Justice Minister, Jeremy Wright, defended the proposals by claiming  that financial penalties "set at the right level" are an effective punishment for offenders. 

How Higher Fines Might Work

But let us keep this in perspective. A motorist caught at eighty-two on a motorway is unlikely to receive a huge fine. After all, the fixed penalty notice that most receive will continue to be one-hundred pounds and three penalty points. A potentially larger fine should only be a prospect if the motorist faces a magistrates' court. But again, this should be kept in perspective. The court, after all, would impose a fine based on the severity of the offence and the driver's ability to pay. As such, a cleaner is unlikely to be fined a fortune but a millionaire – that has committed the same offence - might be. This ensures a fine is enough to hurt based on the driver's circumstances, but not excessively.

Road Safety Experts Discuss Proposed New Fines

But not everyone is convinced it is necessary to increase fines. Edmund King, President of the Automobile Association, argued that: “For the vast majority of drivers the prospect of the existing two thousand five hundred pound fine is a pretty good deterrent against excessive speeding on the motorway. We would not condone excessive speeding in any way but fines have to be proportionate to the offence and one has to question whether increasing the fines four-fold is proportionate. It probably is not. If we had more cops in cars on the motorway that would be a much more effective deterrent.”


Just another under-handed tax by the Tories! Like the song goes, "God save The Queen - THE TORIES ARE MEAN". I think undertaking should Not be allowed on any roads. The motorway speed limit is way out of date, sensible people, ( not Camerons Clann), should be given the job of assessing road safety and the Modern Vehicle. Whats wrong with doing 95mph in the middle of the night on an empty Motorway! Oh yes, The Tories want your money!

It is long past the time when the government should have got its finger out and made the penalty system into a level playing field. Currently on one hand a parking fine, for instance, is at least two weeks groceries for some of the working poor and others while for the rich the same fine amounts to a reasonable cost for parking wherever and whenever they want to. The situation where a supposedly civilised country forces the poor to be more law-abiding than the rich, or on the other hand allows the rich to break the law relatively unpunished is outrageous and should be ended by making every fixed penalty or court imposed fine a percentage of the law-breaker's income so that for some people an ordinary speeding fine could be £10,000 and for others it might only be £40. The purpose of a fine is to punish a person for an offence and to discourage further offending. A "small" fine and a few licence points will hardly represent the same punishment or discouragement to a person who can afford to hire a uniformed driver without finacial strain as it would on a minimum paid worker with a family and a mortgage...

everyone from time to time goes over the speed limit and not on purpose,what about the people who drive without license's and insurance. i feel that its time the law concentrated on coming up with away to get them out of a car,it's the innacente drivers get the greaf every time and they are perfectly legal 100%

not needed to increase fines

All for big fines,the richer you are the bigger the fine

Reading some of the comments here about how speeding motorists ought to be treated for minor transgressions of the limit is just daft. Excessive speed, particularly in built-up residential areas and on motorways has to be controlled. Fines is one method, adequate surveillance the other. Many of our newer and wider motorways ought to have their speed limit revised and increased by at least 10mph upward, where the safety record shows that this is justified. The £10,000 maximum should be reserved for the very worst offenders who have repeatedly broken speed limits by 30+mph.

Regarding traffic flow in the USA, be under no illusion whatsoever regarding nearside overtaking (Undertaking is what Undertakers do for a living!) It is not legal in most states to pass on the nearside. In Arizona there are signs to tell drivers to return to the right lane after overtaking. Highway Patrols will fine drivers who overtake on the nearside. Lane hogging is obstruction and is illegal as it is supposed to be in the UK and "enforceable" since July 2013. The UK Highway Code Rule 163 makes provision for overtaking on the nearside in slow moving traffic only. Those who obstruct outside lanes (There is no "cruising" lane or "fast" lane)cause congestion. Those who overtake on the inside at speed are a menace. Read the book.

I think the headline is misleading, it is not just the fine for speeding on a motorway that is going to be increased. The plan is to give the courts the power to increase all fines to 4 times as much as they are now, it will still be means tested so it is aimed more at richer people.

Anything more than 10mph over the limit should be subject to the maximum fine. There is no excuse for excessive speed you know the limit stick to it or pay the consequences.

Forget about how much the fines might be going up, the fact is that speed limits and all other road laws are there for a reason, namely safety, and if motorist were to drive according to the laws of the road then no one would ever have to pay fines or lose their licence, at the end of the day if you drive then you should know the laws and if you want to break them then it's your own fault for being find and getting points on your licence.

It is time we had a mature and sensible debate on the whole issue of traffic management. I drive a lot and it appears to me that it is frustration and not speed that is the major cause of accidents. There is a lot to be said for adopting some rules from our American cousins (and Europeans). Turning left at lights, returning to the left after overtaking on motorways and dual carriages etc (yet another law passed that the police do not enforce). A mature debate on speed limits is also required (moving them up on motorways as well as reducing them in built up areas. There are candidates for massive fines - texting, reading, watching TV and working on a lap top whilst driving (yes I have seen them all done). Lets also involve the ordinary man on the street in this debate and bring some sense to the table

I frequently drive in USA and consider the best way of keeping traffic flowing is the ability to overtake/undertake in any lane and the turn right on red rule. It was mooted by government some years ago but died a death. Let's campaign for it being brought into current legislation.

Let's make no mistak her; this is not a 'fine' to act as a deterent - it is a Tax; nothing more nothing less. Th deterent is the points on your licence. A ridiculous Motorway speed limit policed in a ridiculous way.

I travel the length and breadth of the country on a weekly basis. The people who are causing chaos on the motorways are the ones sitting in the centre lane and fast lane at 68mph . 1. These lanes are for overtaking , why not enforce that new law? 2 the continent have higher motorway speed limits but excellent lane control. Why don't we take a lesson from them?

Bob Allen commented that increasing the speed limit on motorways to 80 mph would then push it up to 90. Beg to differ 70mph is just plain stupid as a speed limit on a clear motorway. Technology has moved on since it was first introduced even then it was not for safety but to combat a fuel shortage. Modern cars are safe at 70 or 80mph, motorways are relatively safe highways. The only bar to having a sensible limits are people who object on irrational safety grounds. Going up to 90mph, then yes fuel efficient starts dropping like a brick and driver reaction times etc., start becoming a problem. The point is with a sensible speed limit more are likely to stick to it even chief constables have agreed 80 mph makes more sense! Should add its not compulsory so you can stay at 70mph!

Tax em, fine em, fine em, tax em, always the same method of control. I think there should be some intelligent people in government, who might be capable of more than this. Pffff

Stupidity gone wrong? Only a short while ago the Government was going to raise the motorway speed limit. Are the MP's who 'cheated' or should I say committed a criminal offence by defrauding expense claims going to be fined £100,0000.00 & sent to jail??? Why always the easy target, the motorist? Is it not time the government paid back to the motorist the excess tax charged of fuel. Why do we get taxed twice on fuel? Is it not cheaper to produce diesel than petrol? So why is diesel more expensive? Rip Off Briton...!!!

Time and again I go on the motorway and the inside lane is travelling at 70 mph.Obviously vehicles in the other two lanes and passing are exceeding the speed limit and therefore liable to collect a fine.Should we then all stay in the inside lane and leave the other two lanes empty?A proper rethink of motorway law is necessary,not a ridiculous increase in fines.They may as well increase it to £100,000 because Mr Average will not be able to pay it anyway.

Another driving law imposed by the chauffeur driven first class train travel brigade. Remember this the next time you vote.

Oh Dear, Better sell the Fireblade then!!!

A fine should be imposed for the actual crime committed and not based on the income of the individual -this is a two tier system, does a RICH Murderer get 2 life sentences? Totting up for subsequent Driving offences takes care of the persistent offenders. Lose your licence and you cannot legally drive RICH or POOR

If this is just a plan to raise revenue then charge a fee for all vehicles entering the country. Easily administered at the ports and Eurotunnel and we would then have a record of all foreign vehicles in our country.

Colette, if they are legitimately overtaking in the centre lane at 70 then they are not CLODs. As the name suggests CLODs are those who stay in the centre lane regardless of what, if anything, is on their nearside. These are the people, referred to by another poster, who cut the motorway down to two lanes causing frustration and danger to all other road users. The irony is, is that the CLOD is probably not the one who will be "laid out" to rest, it will be some other poor individual. Hence the reason to fine the CLODs. £10K should do it!

This has got nothing to do with Road safety but everything to do about this tacky coalition raising revenue. I remember Cameron promising that if he became PM then his Government would stop the persecution of motorists and put a stop to using them as a cash cows. He has turned out to be as trustworthy as a Tony Blair. Come on UKIP

Keith Inglis should realise that upping the m/way speed limit to 80 will result in the usual idiots upping their speed to 90 and beyond. Let's not go there! His comment re the fine being a lot greater than for drink/drug driving is correct. That should rise too.

I drive over 120k a year as a chauffeur and am witness to some appalling driving, the culprits from all age groups. How about whacking foreign lorry drivers for bald tyres, taking 6 miles to overtake on dual carriageways and going three up on the M6 causing massive tailbacks. All this with no tacho diesel bought overseas and no road tax paid to the UK. I would like to know which roads you could speed on without those awful brothers Gatso and Truvelo catching you anyway.

Those CLODs in the middle lane maybe legitimately overtaking vehicles in the inside lane at the motorway limit of 70mph. That's why they don't move over. It is not necessary to travel faster than 70mph on the middle lane, or any nother lane for that matter. I have had to lay out those idiots who have caused the crashes and heartache to their loved ones and others, before I retired. All unnecessary deaths.

I too couldn't agree with Derek Ord more about the CLODs (Centre Lane Only Driver). They are totally oblivious to just what the reason is to keep left in a similar way that those drivers using mobile devices at the wheel are oblivious to the potential danger they are causing. These are the sort of people who need to be dealt with a £10K fine. Increasing motorway speed limit to 80? No, not convinced. At the current 70 limit the Police will probably turn a blind eye to you doing 80mph and I think that's fast enough to be approaching a CLOD or weaving facebook user!

Couldn't agree with Derek Ord more. He last line is spot on. If you did venture to pass on the left, the middle lane hoggers beep and flash their headlights oblivious to the que behind and causing the 3rd lane to fill up. (and they still don't take the hint and move over) Also agree with the 80MPH on motorway comment, nearly 50 years at 70 both vehicle safety and performance have changed.

£10000 fines should be imposed on drivers caught doing excessive speed in 30 and 40 limits, it is far more dangerous and more likely to result in death to innocent people in an area like this than on a motorway. This sounds like another money making scam rather than a real deterent to me

That is crazy, they should put the speed limit up to 80 on motorways anyway, why should a speeding fine be a lot more than it is for drinking and driving !! or a lot of more important offences

What about increased fines for speeding in 20 and 30mph zones? Our road has a 30mph limit, and cars frequently come down it at speeds well in excess of double that. Some modern cars are able to recognise and display the speed limits of the roads they are travelling on, so perhaps the next step could be to develop a system linked to that whereby it is not possible to exceed the speed limit on any UK road by more than a small percentage. That would make speeding fines irrelevant, as well as many traffic cops.

another government scam to get cash by pretending to be concerned about speeding, its the usual motorist cash cow and other taxes cause a bigger back lash , I am voting UKIP from now on

Much more important is the middle lane problem. That is what should be the £10,000 fine and the queuing in lane 3 should be same amount. Now because of these dangerous driving techniques' we have inside out driving. No longer "Drive on the left and overtake on the Right" Now it's drive on the right of the left and overtake on the left or wherever you can.

Yet another way to bleed the motorist dry!!