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Motorways: New Stealth Cameras To Catch Speeders

Smart Motorway Speed Limit Enforced By New Cameras

Stealth cameras that penalise drivers for exceeding 70mph will soon monitor hundreds of miles of Smart Motorway, the Telegraph reports.

Historically, fixed motorway cameras have helped monitor traffic flow, identify problems such as breakdowns, and – at the most - enforce a lower speed limit to protect road workers. Most speed enforcement has come from mobile camera units and police patrols.

Smart Motorways

The Smart Motorway network is currently being constructed and this – rather than traditional motorways – will incorporate the new Highways Agency Digital Enforcement Camera System (Hadsec3) which is capable of monitoring several lanes of traffic simultaneously. 

The Highways Agency says the purpose of Smart Motorways is to smooth the flow of traffic and reduce congestion. Techniques include increasing capacity by opening the hard shoulder for non emergency use, and varying the speed limit based on the conditions.

Smart Motorway limits will be enforced by cameras that – controversially - are grey rather than the more familiar and easier to see yellow. This has led to the nickname “stealth cameras”. 

Furthermore, an Autocar survey suggests the cameras might find rich pickings, as about 95% of motorists admit speeding on the motorway. 

Alliance of British Drivers Opposes Speed Cameras

The Alliance of British Drivers opposes the use of speed cameras and its spokesperson, Roger Lawson, said: “The evidence of their success in promoting safety is not good and in reality”. He added: “What is happening now is that the police are using speed cameras to fund their other activities through speed awareness courses”.

Mr Lawson concluded: “If these cameras are grey rather than yellow they are going to be harder to spot and so will have no impact in slowing traffic down. If there is a good reason for the traffic to be slowed down then the cameras need to be as visible as possible.” 

Highways Agency Discusses Stealth Cameras

A Highways Agency spokesperson argued: “These are not stealth cameras” and “these motorways are not about speed limits”. He added that: “they are about smoothing the traffic flows and increasing capacity”, that the cameras will be clearly “signposted”, and that “the onus is on the driver to abide by the speed limit”. 

Smart Motorway Camera Positions

The Telegraph confirms that the cameras are already operational on the M25. They will now be installed on 6 stretches of Smart Motorway over the next 2 years including the M1, M3 and M6. The system will then be expanded to cover parts of the M4, M5 and M23.


Just another tax on the motorist, the Labour party started milking the motorist and the Tories have continued the practice, it does not matter which party is in government when a policy is instigated all parties use it. As motorists we must push for higher speeds on all roads where higher speeds can be accommodated.

0/02/2015 15:54:48 Bob Allen Commented: Forget cameras! Keep to the limit! Result: everybody safe. Enjoy life! ..... ?? ++++ No No No, just drop off the motorway & speed on std roads !! everyone a winner !!

Police want to get their fingers out their arses. Want to hit those who drift over 70mph even tho you can have 3mph + 10% on top of that making... 80!!! Try hitting the nobs cutting people up on roundabouts and those who do 30/40 in a 50 zone 40/50 in a 60 zone. If the police meant what they said about traffic flow there's your problem. Sort the fucker out police you idiots. Oh yes to the police car who drove down the middle of ashby high street cutting everyone up iuf I see you out Il knock your fucking teeth out, Cutting people up like he/she did. Think they own the world yet there fuck all to most people except a pain! And yes lets get labour back in. The countries fucked. Taking a ton of tax off everyone to give it back in credits. Are they really that stupid they have to create such a messed up set up!

Police authorities have always had the option of using disguised cameras but painting them yellow allowed them to keep the money raised. Money raised from fines generated by low-vis coloured cameras have to be passed on to central government. I have no objection to cameras just to the unfair, un-English way the results are administered. No motoring offence or any offence at all, regardless of how minor, should ever be dealt with by an automatic process.

To ALL those that say "keep to the limit if you don't want a fine". I guess that's what you do is it? What, you actually keep to the limit ALL the time!!!! Someone that says they never speed are liars. There are many occasions where I've driven & I've been thinking what's the limit for this road. Why? Because the limit is posted at an incorrect place such as a roundabout, road junction, etc when you're actually looking out for other motorists. The authorities need to do their bit for ROAD SAFETY first. I drive for a living & there are many incorrect limits (too high, too low). Bad signage, poor line & road markings to name but a few. Speed is appropriate at the right time & conditions. I own a 6.0 Litre V8 Monaro & I will drive fast where driving fast is safe. I seem to recall that the Conservatives said that they "would end the war on motorists" before they were elected. Just ANOTHER LIE to gain power. I actually voted Con, I won't be doing so this time.

Forget cameras! Keep to the limit! Result: everybody safe. Enjoy life!

Typical,yet another cash cow taking money from the motorist. Biggest cause of hold ups is poor lane discipline,yet do we see traffic police enforcing this ? No ,yet here we are with more cameras ,i feel that the 70 mph is outdated and that an 80 mph is far more realistic,combined with lower limits at certain sections.

"If there is a good reason for the traffic to be slowed down then the cameras need to be as visible as possible". What a specious argument - even if you don't agree with it, the law says you must keep to speed limits at all times, not just when cameras are visible.

However you try to justify high speed driving, there is a simple law of physics: The energy required to accelerate the air out of the way of your vehicle and to throw its piston into reverse, is proportional to the square of the speed. Then we could talk about the energy of a moving body in a crash and the increased pollution from that thrashing engine. In you heart of hearts you know that it makes sense, as long as you don't fall asleep from boredom.

And yet we in UK have the safest motorways in the world and with the exception of Sweden (low population and restricted winter conditions) the lowest injury rates by whatever measure you choose. Per vehicle, per mile etc. Therefore, the cameras cannot be for anything but a money making operation. If on the other hand we had a bad or even poor record then there would be full justification for the cameras. No our problem is simply that we do not build new roads to keep up with demand. We should be now planning a new M25 orbital and opening up the exiting road for one direction and thus, as our Victorian forefathers did so well, plan for the future. Considering how much tax is raised by the government for the motoring public it is totally shambolic. Anybody who has travelled on say the M1 and seen an average jam in the opposite lanes quickly realises just how much industry (exports) depends on a system that can cope. Not so long ago I counted 27 trucks with tractors, backhoes, cars - clearly on their way to the docks, God knows what was in the other 500 covered trucks. Cameras I sense are a part PR operation trying to prove "we" care. Boo**ocks.

I recently drove on the M9 from Stirling to Perth which is the first stretch of the A9 to have average speed cameras in operation. It was a pleasure to drive. Everyone kept within the limit, no one was tailgating to force others out of their way and no one was carrying out crazy last minute overtakes. Anyone who wanted to speed up over 70 to overtake a slower vehicle could do so for the time it took to complete the manoeuvre and still keep within the average speed. As soon as I left that stretch of road onto the A90 with no average speed cameras it was back to the normal "Wacky Races" again. To exceed or even reach the 70 average on most of our roads you need travel much faster for much of the route. Average speed cameras are the fairest way forward. If you don't want to end up in court for shop lifting, don't shop lift! If you don't want to get points and fines for speeding, don't speed. Simples!

I have got a problem with them in principle, as long as they are accurate. Travelled up the M6 tonight, to be told two lanes closed and an enforced speed limit of 40mph for you guessed it nothing!

It's just a money making project not awareness for drivers and also if it for safety reasons then they should put a limit up to 90Mph if anyone cross it fine it.

Why is it that cars are made to run at over 100 miles ph and then all this money is spent to try and slow them down.why not make slower cars in the first place.

How about we do away with speed limits on motorways, keep them on street roads and all pedestrian access routes. We're all adults, I know my limits, I know how fast I can and can't drive, I know what my capabilities are and my cars, it's all about common sense, take all cameras down and replace them with police patrols for dangerous, tail gaiters, over takers, under takers, non indicators! You want to drive at 110 mph on an open stretch on a sunny day on the outside lane, why not? As long as your capable, your cars capable! Well soon be told smoking is illegal, then it'll be booze over a certain %, where does it end?

Nigel Fariey you got it in one.Stealth cameras are distracktion because drivers are parenoid looking for them Marked cameras is as good as visible police car = safety I KNOW Iv drove coaches for 10 years & cars since 1967 Iv seen some terrific accident on M1 in my time safety 1st not money fines .Has anybody pased police car speedig get my drift

These stealth cameras are clearly designed to take further monies from motorists and to place it into government hands for funding non-motoring projects.

do these cameras give the accepted 10% plus three mph or are they set to actual speeds,especially if they suddenly change limits???

Having been caught doing 65 in a 50 area I asked to go on a driver awareness course only to be told I had been driving too fast and was therefore not eligable for the course!!!! It makes you want to cry.

This will make it unsafe when overtaking as you will have to go over the 70mph to overtake if the car in front is doing say 67 so this will bring even more traffic jams & tail gating we are in the eu so why dont we have the same limits as germany unlimited

Every speed camera should have a large Neon sign above it saying 'Speed Camera' in large flashing letters. If someone then speeds past them they only have themselves to blame. Speed cameras should be a deterrent, not a money making scam.

Great news. Every politician, national and local and every police driver shown to be breaking the law must now be prosecuted?

just another step towards the slippery slope of george orwells 1984. closely followed by the soon to be 'super councils'. deregulation! dont make me laugh.

Speed Cameras exist to generate income. I have yet to see or be convinced by any evidence that they have lead to a reduction in accidents or improve road safety. Its a tax on motorists pure and simple. There are lots of ways to improve road safety, filling in pot holes, Speed humps, ensuring roads are gritted adequately, tackling drugged up drivers and so on but these just save lives and are time consuming, they don't generate cash!

The stealth cameras should be used to target the w*nkers who think it is their god given right to stay in the middle lane(s) of the motorway. Although this practice is now against the law, the w*nkers still get away with it. I would be interested to know how many w*nkers have been prosecuted since the legislation was introduced.

Let them put up the speed Cameras and then everyone.just keep to the speed limit. Once they do not bring in a profit they would soon be removed

Well guys I think your missing the point, here's the cure, adhere to all speed limits and drive at the appropriate speed for the prevailing conditions, that's all you need to do and you'll never have to look for another camera.

I had to attend a 'speed awareness' course after being booked for doing 33 mph in a 30 mph area having just turned into a side road directly off a 70 mph dual carriageway. at the time I was p****d off, but I found it quite informative as did a number of other attendees, but of course there were a number of others who made it clear that they didn't think any rules applied to them. Since the course I have become much more aware of speed limit signs. My wife always thinks I am going too fast on single carriageways with 'national speed limit' signs because (like many) she doesn't actually know what it means. National speed limits are perfectly adequate for most roads (and you could say too high for some single carriageway areas). In any event they are the law whether you like them or not. If you don't agree with a law lobby your MP. In the meantime, laws are to be obeyed and whether monitoring is done overtly or covertly is irrelevant. Would you really feel so much better if all these new cameras were painted bright yellow - no. Increasing speed limits does not necessarily increase traffic flow, especially on motorways. The 'tidal flow' restrictions on the main arterial routes suggest that the opposite is true as traffic flows much more evenly at a fixed 50-60 mph than it does with the same volumes doing 70, 80,90, you name it. For some reason people drive more sensibly in terms of leaving appropriate gaps between vehicles when the speeds are reduced than they do unfettered. Driving too close for the speed you are doing is what causes accidents and 'phantom traffic jams'. If speeds were increased you would just get even more people cutting in at the last minute to get to the slip road of a junction they've almost missed than you do now.

Ronald Lewis's comment is the most relevant. Countless millions of motorists have been penalised for driving in a perfectly reasonable manner for the prevailing conditions, taking ALL factors into account relating to safe driving. Unfortunately, the police are obsessed with using this one easily measured factor in isolation, to pretend that they are genuinely interested in road safety. It's just too hard to do the job properly isn't it!

Taking this out of context, I am sick of cameras for drivers speed and then those apnr cameras that the police use for safety, like that happens not. I can't get to the end of my close without having appeared on two cameras. I myself have recently attended one of these speed awareness courses and whilst I found it quite interesting, when I looked around at all gathered there we hardly looked like a bunch of hardened criminals. Whilst it was useful and interesting, I notice that when booking it you can't attend a course without first being stopped for speeding. I find this typical of this country, that driver education stops once one is presented with the driving license. The name of the game should be ongoing education that is consistent as well as monitored, so that one benefits from lower insurance and other deals as well as professional advice. Speed cameras are a nuisance and ultimately due to poor driving standards lead to shunt accidents. But as ever we concentrate on penalising as opposed to educating and thus if one chooses to pick their nose behind the wheel it is caught on a camera before they reach the end of the road!

I am over 65 and when I was taught to drive it was not by speed limits but by weather-road-and-traffic-conditions so by even having a 70 limit people tend to drive at that speed in good weather or bad if the road is empty and weather is good then 100 is safe on a congested road or in bad weather then 40-50 is about right it is all down to common sence

Yet another lie by this Goverment, who have said "we will not penalise the motorist". I thought there was a law that all cameras should be painted in a bright colour- of course these are not speed cameras as stated by the Highways Agency, so presumably they can't be used for prosecuting speeding drivers. Must remember all this when I come to vote in May, as getting fed up with all the lies.

If the camera just takes a photo of your car number plate and not the driver, by law, evidence is only circumstantial, as to the fact it was your car. However you can argue should there be more than one driver on the insurance that you will be furnishing a false statement by saying who was driving as you genuinely cannot remember. I have done this once for my wife and once for another family member and both cases were dropped !! So if you get a ticket always write back and ask for photographic evidence.

No good raising the speed limit to 80 drivers will speed whatever the limit. I do not think cameras are a deterrent people just speed in between. I'm not sure there is a viable solution apart from good road use education even then...........?

Speed cameras are only effective in slowing down traffic if the driver knows they are there, otherwise I agree, they are just another means of taxing the motorist to fund the police. Also, the speed limit was set at 70mph when most cars were shaking you to death at that speed! The safe speed limit should be raised to 80mph or even 90mph to keep in line with today's improved technology & car safety.

If drivers kept to speed limits it doesn't matter what colour they are or if they're visible or hidden. Drivers who ignore speed limits should be fined and drivers who repeatedly speed should be banned.

Odd how there are hundreds of speed cameras on motorways to fine the motorists but hardly any outside schools where they could be used for safety, rather Unbelievable to state they are for traffic easing

Just another money making scam for the motorist. There should be a legal requirement for all speed cameras to be visible and painted yellow or orange.

Another great idea by our great law enforcement agencies. Stealth tax! Mmmmm... Increase to 80mph I say.

I endorse Peter smiths comment - increase to 80mph and enforce it !

Raise the speed limit to 80mph and put in all the cameras they want!

As usual just another way to raise money for the police through their awareness courses.

just another cash cow to impose on an easy target ie the motorist.