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MP calls for ban on smoking in cars

Labour MP Alex Cunningham has called for a ban on smoking in cars where children are present

Labour MP Alex Cunningham has called for a ban on smoking in cars where children are present. He said children were particularly vulnerable to the effects of passive smoking and could not “remove” themselves from cars where cigarette smoke was circulating.

Research suggests that more than 300,000 children visit doctors every year with health problems associated with passive smoke while there were 20,000 new cases of asthma and wheezing among children every year. Dr Sean Semple, of the University of Aberdeen said that children are particularly susceptible because they have faster breathing rates, and a less developed immune system.

Mr Cunningham said a ban had been introduced in several US states, including California, as well as in parts of Canada and Australia and had growing support in the UK among health campaigners and the public. Tory MP Philip Davies who campaigns against political correctness said it should be up to parents to decide whether they smoked in cars and there was a "complete lack of evidence" about the beneficial impact of the proposal. Mr Davies said "this proposal is excessive, intrusive and insulting to British parents who smoke; the suggestion of banning smoking in private vehicles with a minor present is yet another unwarranted intrusion on individual freedom. The government should have no role at all in regulating the private lives of adults who make decisions as adults."

Mr Cunningham said the "science was clear" about the dangers of passive smoking and that societal attitudes had changed on the issue in the past decade reflected by the ban on smoking in public transport, planes and taxis. The Labour MP acknowledged many people felt the car was a "private space" but he believed it was children's space as well and "some people were invading it with dangerous smoke". He told MPs "adults can make up their mind about the dangers of smoking. It is children we need to protect; the fact that children can be exposed to such an environment in cars is reason enough to bring in a ban on smoking in private vehicles where they are present. I can't see how it would be any real hardship to anyone to stop smoking in private vehicles and the benefits will be tremendous."

Professor John Britton, chair of the Royal College of Physicians Tobacco Advisory Group, says a ban is necessary to protect children. He said estimates suggested that each year passive smoking in children accounted for more than 20,000 cases of lower respiratory tract infection, 200 cases of bacterial meningitis, and 40 sudden infant deaths. The British Medical Association said an outright ban even if there were no passengers would be the best way of protecting children as well as non-smoking adults.


you pay for YOUR car, tax YOUR car, insure YOUR car, mot YOUR car, but heaven forbid you do what you want in YOUR car. i dont smoke in MY car, which is MY choice. any one noticed that the government have a different set of rules as by they can do what they want when they want. smoking in government common room, "common" room. mmm. PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE A STAND AND SHOUT 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I WILL NOT BE TRODDEN ON ANYMORE'.

Ihave suffered since the age of three from Chronic sinusitus and asthma due ti both my parents smoking continuosly in the car but because it is not obvious to others nobody realises this. This has prevented me from doing most sports and activities. So to those ignorant writers that are against, I suggest you shut upand listen to the real experts.Perhaps it is time for a few younger suffers to sue their parents! I am now 74 and still coughing.

Looks to me like some body wants a little media coverage. When they ban smoking and cheap plonk in parliament common room then i will play ball. Till then You can all collectively go and sleep in a pit full of the worlds most venomous snakes. What am i saying (brain fart) the snakes will leave the pit. Unenforceable laws unless the coppers are bored. Seat belt law Fail Mobile phone law FAIl There are too many ideas the crack pot elite come up with that are meant to impact on the working man. And lets face it they tax the living sh1t out of us. (most of us, those without millions and accountants) GO DO SOMETHING FINALLY OF FREAKING USE AND GRAB THE TAX BACK FROM THE NON DOMS, CORPORATIONS AND NON PAYERS. IF THEY DON'T PAY TELL THE TO PISS OFF, YOU TELL THE COMMON MAN THAT ALL THE TIME.WITHOUT THE COMMON MAN THIS COUNTRY WOULD BE TANKED. New definition of Parliament a place a peado and a crook can find legitimate work.

this is stupid now all i ever see everyday is stop people doing this and doing that why dont you goverment lot try doing something useful like stop taxing us on everythin start doing your job right fix roads look after your country not others because all im seeing is that in 5 years time your gonna change the name from a home to a prison your a god dam joke the lot of you one day your gonna push people to far then you really will not have a clue what to do trust me as far as im concern your just money robbing sh#ts thats never done a hard days graft for nothing which is wat i feel like i do everyday your perfectic you really are

This ban would be almost impossible to enforce, there has been a ban on mobile phones for quite some time but how many drivers have you seen recently using a phone whilst driving, also the wearing of seat belyts has been law for even longer but there are still some drivers who ignore this life saving device. yes it is not good for the child to be passive smoking and even with a window open there will still be smoke present in the vehicle, but practically it could never be enforced. as for good parents, i have lost count the number of expectant mothers i have seen both drinking and smoking, the child stands no chance with parents like that

What's next banning talking in cars. The government is taking things to the extremes.

it is the parents choice, what's next banning smoking from inside someone's home if they have children? Unlikely, so what's the point in banning it from a car where a window is down and there is still fresh air coming in?

smoking wwhile driving should be banned regardless of children are in the car - smoking can be as dangerous as being on a mobile phone or even worse.

As a former motor insurance accident claims investigator I can without doubt confirm that the number of accidents caused by a smoker having a lack of concentration whilst smoking at the wheel and causing accidents is practically none and only about 1% is caused through drink driving. Regarding the number of personal injury claims amounts to only 15% of the overall number of claims in a year. The main cause of road accidents is arrogance and stupidity and the aggresive nature of the UK standard of driving. HOwever, if feel that adults should perhaps give consideration to their passengers if the driver smokes or even their passengers. Perhaps keep windows open sufficient for smoke to escape and use the external air intake on the car fan not recycle the air! Better still perhaps refrain from smoking until outside the vehicle. As far as the government goes then yes smoking will eventually be banned nationwide and I say in which case alchohol should also be banned nationwide. Recouping lost tax? thats easy introduce more motoring taxes!

Any parent who smokes in a car containing children is guilty of child abuse. The child cannot remove themselves from the harmful smoke and could be subjected to many health issues both long and short term. This has nothing to do with political correctness - if a parent is so thick that they smoke in a confined space, the only option is legislation to protect the child, as the parent is clearly incapable of making a responsible decision. An adult can smoke themselves to death confined in a car, as far as I am concerned, but this should NOT be inflicted on a child who cannot escape the fumes. Selfish parents who should know better!

Passive smoking is an issue but the point has been missed by a long shot. Drivers smoking at the wheel are just as bad as drivers using their mobile phones. Time and time again I meet a driver who is distracted by the ignited weed in their hand. Safe driving is a commitment requiring BOTH hands on the wheel, BOTH eyes on the road and brain in gear. This proposal has nothing to do with political correctness.

Another Draconian punishment for those of us who grew up in a generation of Smokers. If the government want to stop me smoking in my own private space (my car) they have NO CHANCE. perhaps these 'do gooders' could perhaps advise the government how to enforce this at no cost. Or perhaps they could advise them how to get the country back on its feet financially first !! Go away you positive idiots.