posted 4 years ago

Multi-Million Pound Competition To Develop Green Vehicle Technology

Government Commits £11m To Green Vehicle Research

The Government has committed £11m to a competition prize fund to accelerate the research and development of carbon-cutting technology for tomorrow's vehicles.

It is part of the Government's £500m plan to promote ultra-low emission vehicles which could create jobs, drive economic growth and make the country's national fleet greener. The fund includes £100m for industry-led research and development.

The competition is being run by Innovate UK, which has contributed £4m towards the £15m fund and is seeking proposals relating to “one or more” of the following:

  • electric machines and power electronics  

  • energy storage and energy management  

  • lightweight vehicle and powertrain structures  

  • internal combustion engines and energy efficiency.

Each project must result in all of the following:

  • the ability to physically demonstrate the technology at the component, sub-system or system level  

  • development of technologies that can create new commercially attractive intellectual property that is anchored in the UK  

  • the ability to demonstrate that the performance, durability, integrity and safety of any proposed technology has been considered, including the application of appropriate standards.”

This competition is open to “all business that can meet the scope” of the criteria stated by the Government.

However, entries are particularly welcome from those outside the world of motoring such as aerospace, rail and marine specialists.

Technology from such industries might be transferable to the automotive sector. Innovate UK expects projects to typically cost between £500,000 and £2m.

This competition opened on September 8th 2014, the deadline for registrations is October 22nd (12PM), and entries must be submitted by October 29th 2014 (12PM).

Minister Discusses £11m Investment

Transport Minister Baroness Kramer said: “This new £11m for research and development shows our support to UK companies leading the way to cleaner and greener transport technologies. They are investing in more efficient transport, and that is the best way to drive our economy forward.

“By 2040, we expect virtually all new cars and vans to be using carbon-cutting technology and we want to see as much of this as possible designed and built here, in the UK, delivering economic as well as environmental benefits.

“We are already a world leader in this field and we must invest more resources to maintain our edge.”