posted 4 years ago

MyLicence Service Makes Buying Insurance Easier And Saves Money

Cheaper and more accurate insurance premiums could be on the horizon

The DVLA has joined forces with the Motor Insurance Bureau to launch a new service which could help reduce premiums and eliminate mistakes that might invalidate a policy.

Created in partnership with the Association of British Insurers, the MyLicence service enables insurers to confirm a licence holder's entitlements, including whether he/she has penalty points, plus a range of related information. 

Previously, such facts had to be supplied one by one.

Motorists can now simply pass on a driving licence number to a price comparison website, broker, or insurer. 

It is estimated that one in six drivers do not accurately declare their motoring convictions – which can invalidate the insurance policy - and that 1 in 7 over declare and pay more than necessary.

The Association of British Insurers estimates that an honest driver could save £15, as the insurer will not have to increase the premium to allow for false or misleading statements. 

The database also makes it harder for a fraudster to deliberately make false statements that reduce the insurance premium, such as “I have no motoring convictions whatsoever”.

A driver can view his or her licence information online at:

Good news for motorists

Transport Minister Claire Perry said: “MyLicence is good news for motorists and good news for the motor insurance industry.

“This government is investing in the service which will allow insurers to price much more accurately which should reduce premiums for honest motorists.”


MyMotoring is another online tool that makes life easier and can help to save a motorist money.

It helps the driver stay legal and in control by confirming when a vehicle's MOT, insurance, tax and warranty expire.

There is also a service reminder function. Visit: MyMotoring.