posted 9 years ago

New 0 Percent Finance Deals for UK Car Buyers

New car buyers are more influenced by 0 Percent finance deals than any other incentive, according to research by

New car buyers are more influenced by 0% finance deals than any other incentive, according to research by We have therefore searched our extensive finance section to reveal the best value 0% packages.

The first tantalising prospect comes in the shapely form of the Citroen C5. This likeable motorway mile-muncher is available for thirty-six payments of £299 at 0% APR. This personal contract purchase plan also requires a £2,224 deposit, and the optional purchase payment is a relatively modest £5,780. The same vehicle is also listed in higher specification, albeit at 7.9% APR, for a £316 deposit plus thirty-six payments of £316.

Seat are keen not to let the French dominate the market, so the Leon is also available with 0% finance. The often overlooked family car is listed in the database on a hire purchase contract for thirty-six payments of £259, plus the £6,836 deposit. This capable vehicle has numerous strengths including sporty good looks, great handling, and decent performance from a wide range of engines.

Motorists who prefer their vehicles more Japanese can slip behind the wheel of the Nissan Qashqai. This popular family car is available, again with 0% finance, for thirty-six payments of £299. This hire purchase agreement also requires wannabe owners to raid their wallet, forage behind the sofa, and generally dig around to raise the £6,886 deposit.

Whichever finance package you choose it is also worth pushing hard for free and low cost extras. Possible incentives include fixed price servicing plans, specification upgrades, and free insurance. These extras can make your vehicle even better value for money and considerably reduce the long term cost of motoring.