posted 2 years ago

New, 2017, Land Rover Discovery Preview Ahead of Motor Show

Land Rover hints at some of the remarkable features incorporated into its all-new Discovery.

New Discovery to be revealed in Paris

The all-new, 2017, Land Rover Discovery makes its world début at the Paris Motor Show on September 28th 2016. This fifth generation vehicle is a large, 7 seated, sports-utility model that wears a fashionable badge. Its purpose – as with its predecessors – is to mix remarkable, off-road, capability with a refined, on-road, feel.

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover’s Chief Design Officer, said: “New Discovery redefines the large SUV. Land Rover’s design and engineering teams have revolutionised the Discovery DNA to create a highly desirable, extremely versatile and hugely capable premium SUV.”

Control seats via smartphone app

The Discovery's specification remains secret for now, but the manufacturer has provided a few hints. The seats manoeuvre electrically via a smartphone application, for example. This Intelligent Seat Fold Technology enables motorists to move any seat forward and backward and raise, or lower, the second and third row.

Bear Grylls stars in short film

The motor manufacturer produced a short film to showcase this innovation. It stars Bear Grylls who is a Land Rover Ambassador, television star, adventurer, and military veteran. Its purpose is to demonstrate how the application works and that – like the all-new, 2017, Discovery – that it functions even in extreme scenarios. 

The film opens with a long distance, aerial, view of the surroundings which is a military testing facility in the United Kingdom. A plane flies into shot before cutting to Mr Grylls within. The Land Rover Ambassador peers through its open side door as he prepares to parachute towards the car; with his 6 colleagues.

Grylls says: “I've spent my life putting Land Rovers to the test in extreme situations, but never quite like this. The engineers at Land Rover reckon you can rearrange the seats of the new Discovery from anywhere in the world with a world first, seat configuration, app.” He then explains that he plans to use it whilst in free-fall.

The Land Rover Ambassador exits the aeroplane alongside his colleagues. Before deploying his parachute, he operates the application via his smartphone which is strapped to his wrist. The film cuts to an interior shot of the vehicle as its second and third row of seats move from the folded flat position, to elevated. 

Mr Grylls and his colleagues land close to the vehicle. The parachutes are stowed in the boot, and all climb aboard, which highlights that this sport-utility vehicle is practical and spacious. The Discovery then leaves the scene by travelling over grass which hints at its off-road abilities (albeit only slightly).

Exterior styling

Land Rover has released a few teaser photographs that hint at the exterior styling; but most of the featured vehicles have a camouflage finish. Distinguishable traits include the: imposing stance, flat front, slopping grille and curved bonnet. The overall impression is reminiscent of the smaller, current, Discovery Sport.