posted 8 years ago

New 4x4 Offers Inspire Winter Drivers's new car database is the best place to find exceptional value new 4x4 offers.'s new car database is the best place to find exceptional value new 4x4 offers. Off-road vehicles, particularly now we're heading into winter, can provide motorists with the confidence necessary to drive in snow, ice, and wet conditions. So, let's prepare for the monsoon season and consider our 4x4 options.

When choosing a new four-wheel drive vehicle one leaps from the page like a demented grasshopper. Ladies and gentleman, the Land Rover Discovery. This long established mud-plunger is listed with 'buy safe' sellers from £35,595. For this price it offers consumers class leading off-road capabilities, refined on-road manners, and more equipment than an award winning electrical shop. Well done Land Rover.

Now, some motorists want the reassurance of four-wheel drive but in a more traditional body style. Roll out the Volvo XC70. This is essentially a raised, slightly re-worked, version of the V70 estate, so it shares many of its siblings strengths. These include excellent safety features, refined handling, and a monstrous boot. Okay, so the XC70 lacks the mighty off-road credentials of the Discovery, but it still has plenty of traction for negotiating those slippery apexes.

Our final tantalising four-wheel drive prospect is the BMW X1. This relatively compact machine is available, on a personal contract purchase plan, for thirty-six payments of £395 at 9.8% APR. Wannabe owners will also have to beg, borrow, or steal the £5,250 deposit, then save a further £11,647 to settle the optional final payment. That's not bad for a robustly constructed vehicle that should stay glued to the road this winter.