posted 3 years ago

New “65” Personal Registrations On Sale

New “65”, September 2015, personalised registrations available now.

September 2015 “65” Registration Available Now

DVLA Personalised Registrations has confirmed that motorists can now purchase a September 2015, “65”, registration. It can then be transferred to a vehicle in time for the first day it becomes legally valid. “65” is the age tag that shows a vehicle was registered between September 1st 2015 and February 29th 2016 - so it is illegal to take it onto the road prior to the former. “65” replaces “15” that refers to March 1st 2015 to August 31st 2015. In the United Kingdom, the age tag changes every March and September. The March tag is defined by year - “14” is March 2014 and “15” is March 2015, for example - then a September tag is the year plus 50. 

The DVLA has a wide range of “65” personalised registrations to choose from some of which relate to vehicles, names, status in an organisation, religion or a pass time. Highlights include: “AA65 BMW” (£999), “AA65 JAG” (£999), “AF65 JAN” (£999), “AV65 BOS” (£399) and “HA65 BEN” (£999). The most interesting and valuable will at some point be sold via public auction. Forthcoming prospects include: “AA65 RON”, “AD65 ELE”, “ME65 GAN” and “MY65 CLK”. In contrast, prices for those with a more narrow appeal – such as letters that match a motorist's initials – cost comparatively little. Examples include: “PA65 AXN” (£399), “EA65 AAT” (£399), “AA65 AVL” (£399), “FA65 ALL” (£399) and “MA65 ATT” (£599).

How To Buy A Personalised Registration

DVLA Personalised Registrations makes it easy to purchase a “65” plate. Simply visit its website then search for a favoured combination of letters and numbers, or by price. A “65” registration cannot be fitted to any vehicle registered prior to September 1st 2015 as it is illegal to make it look newer than its years. This could encourage the owner to misrepresent it during a sale. In due course, however, a “65” plate can be transferred to (say) a 2017/18 car if the driver is happy to make it appear older. 

Once a “65” registration has been bought the motorist receives a certificate of entitlement in the post. Its period of validity is 10 years. This must be inspected by a registered number plate supplier before the plates that have to be mounted to the vehicle can be produced. Necessary supporting documents include proof of name and address such as a utility bill (within the last 6 months), bank statement (within last 6 months), passport or driving licence.