posted 7 years ago

New Audi A6 Allroad Quattro available next month

The new Audi A6 Allroad Quattro will be available to order next month in the UK with first deliveries in early spring

The new Audi Allroad A6 Quattro will be available to order next month in the UK with first deliveries in early spring. Prices start from £43,145. The new A6 allroad Quattro will initially be available in the UK with a choice of three powerful and highly cultivated V6 engines; one TFSI petrol engine and two TDI units. All are 3.0-litre engines with turbocharging and direct injection.

The exterior of the Audi A6 Quattro has distinguishing allroad Quattro features which include extended side sills, wide flared wings and verticals slates within the single frame grille. The wheel arches, bumpers and sills are painted in a contrasting colour but can be body coloured if the optional aluminium exterior package is requested. The colour Java Brown is available exclusively for the new A6 allroad Quattro.

The interior of the Audi A6 Quattro offers plenty of space and Audi offers a wide choice of options. A head-up display can project important information onto the windscreen, ambient lighting can bathe the interior with subtle LED light, and the widely adjustable comfort seats offer ventilation and massage function. Additional highlights include four-zone automatic air conditioning, a panoramic glass roof and the advanced key, which enables access, start-up and locking without the need to remove the key from the driver’s pocket.


Totally agree with Gavin Howe's thinking plus those tyres makes the ride harsh. I have an A4 Estate and have chosen to retain 55 ratio tyres which run very quietly and give a great ride. Maybe not seen as cool but I smile when it comes to paying for replacements.

I agree with Gavin H. We use the car around our Scottish highland estate and the high speed low profile tyres would not be suitable.

Well Gavin it seems that you have 2 choices, choice 1 - specify winter tyres, because rim size and tyre profile do not really effect traction in winter conditions it is the type of tyre that is fitted to the vehicle. Choice 2 - buy a different car.

Given its intended purpose, why has it got hi speed low profile tyres. This really puts me off as I use the car for our ski home and it doesn't look well suited unless you changed the wheels.