posted 5 years ago

New Bentley 4x4

New Bentley 4x4 on sale from 2015

Bentley produce the ultimate luxury tourers and now they have decided to go ‘off road’ and launch their first 4x4 vehicle which will no doubt rival the Range Rover and the Porsche Cayenne. On sale from 2015 priced at approximately £140,000 this luxury 4x4 will be on the shopping list of many a premiership footballer and it is hoped that the Royal Family who already have a number of bespoke Bentleys in their fleet, will invest in the ultimate ‘Chelsea tractor’.

Every Bentley is extremely luxurious and the new 4x4 takes it to another level as the very finest materials have been used. Bentley is using harder saddle leather for the first time in areas that may be subject to harder wear, this is a 4x4 after all the softer leather is where customers are more likely to touch it. Emerging from the traditional walnut dash is a hi-tech infotainment screen that seems to float above a panel with controls for the climate, navigation and entertainment systems. Full connectivity and Internet access with downloadable apps will keep the system up-to-date. Other new features include major controls larger than usual so the driver can used them with gloves on plus the displays change depending on the driving mode and also show the view of exterior cameras. There is also full length panoramic sunroof with a central metal bar running its full length and featuring grab handles.

The size of the Bentley 4x4 is taller and wider than the Porsche Cayenne and lower and narrower than a Range Rover but longer than both!! The exterior boasts a wide matrix mesh grille flanked by large Mulsanne-style circular lights. Under the headlamps sit similarly-sized circular air intakes, surrounded by LED daytime running lights. Chunky twin exhausts are integrated into metal under the bumper, which also features at the front and sides of the car. The traditional Bentley ‘catwalk’ bonnet crease runs from the outside of the grille to the edges of the wide, upright windscreen. Further styling lines are fed from the headlights, wrapping around the side of the car with side vents inspired by the Bentley flying B. It has a muscular and strong presence that will most certainly turn heads. The boot features a powered split tailgate and two fabulous hampers swing out from panels above the wheelarches great for the champagne picnic! The 23-inch turbine-style alloys with 800mm diameter tyres are clearly performance orientated; Bentley engineering Chief Rolf Frech said “we have to show we can be good off road. If we build an SUV, it’ll be a real SUV, not a fake.”

Under the bonnet of this new Bentley masterpiece is a twin-turbo six-litre W12 engine with an eight-speed transmission which is capable of 0 to 60mph in less than five seconds.