posted 5 years ago

New BMW i3 Series named What Car? ‘Green Car’ 2014

BMW 4 Series tops the ‘Coupe Category’

It was awards all round for BMW at the What Car? Awards, the BMW i3 Series added another award to its growing accolades taking the crown What Car? ‘Green Car’ 2014 and the BMW 4 Series was named ‘Best Coupe 2014’.

Chas Hallett, What Car? editor-in-chief, said “the i3 proves that electric motoring needn't be pious. It suits the town roads where it will spend its life, but it offers fun and performance too.” With regard to the coupe he said “a coupé is a car that should make you feel special  and the BMW 435i will definitely do that.” The BMW 4 Series Coupé takes over as top-dog in its inaugural year, having replaced the 3 Series Coupé.  Despite the tough opposition, the 435i Coupé was praised for its seductive looks, engaging drive and beautiful cabin leaving it to reign supreme, making it a car that drivers will be happy to get into and reluctant to get out of . 

The BMW i3 is BMW’s first fully-electric production car and is on sale priced from £369 a month. The BMW i3 features an all-aluminium chassis combined with a passenger cell made entirely from carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic. As well as the vehicles themselves, BMW i will encompass a range of premium services for mobility aimed at optimising the use of parking spaces, charging infrastructure, ‘smart’ navigation systems, intermodal route planning and access to other BMW vehicles on an ‘on-demand’ basis.

New BMW i3 charges in just three hours 

The BMW i3 can be charged from 0-80% in just three hours, this fast charging can be performed by the BMW i Wallbox. The exclusive Wallbox can be installed at your home and green power options will be offered via selected BMW i partners, for emission-free home charging. AC Fast Charging is also the most widespread public charging option in the UK. If a full charge is not required then occasional charged can be performed using a pre-supplied cable, fitting a standard household socket at 3.7Kw, when a 32 Amp AC Fast Charging port is not available. If you need a full charge then charging this way takes from eight to ten hours. The DC Fast Charging is the third and final option available to owners and allows a BMW i3 to get an 80 per cent charge in just 30 minutes to one hour; it uses a 50Kw connection to do this and is the best option for public locations where quick short charges are required.