posted 4 years ago

New British ‘Speedback’ Supercar is launched

Car to be exhibited at Top Marques Monaco

David Brown Automotive has unveiled its unique handcrafted GT car for the first time. The new car which is designed, engineered and handcrafted in Britain will be called ‘Speedback’ which reflects the elegant and purposeful lines of the V8 powered sports coupe. 

Company founder and CEO, David Brown has a long-standing background in engineering, vehicle manufacturing and an equally strong enthusiasm for both classic and contemporary cars. With his concept for a classically styled GT car with modern mechanicals and reliability, he began to assemble his specialist team some two years ago. He has commissioned a completely original exterior and interior design, sourced bespoke British suppliers for interior trim and materials and the car has been thoroughly engineered for low-volume production, combining the latest manufacturing techniques with traditional craftsmanship. David said “the launch of ‘Speedback’ is the realisation of a dream for me, and is the result of skilful and dedicated work by a team of highly talented designers, engineers and craftsmen. I am delighted at the reaction of the media, our suppliers, potential customers and friends, and I look forward to presenting the car to the public in Monaco. The ‘Speedback’ name perfectly reflects the classic sports car tradition of the past, whilst also doing justice to the sophisticated silhouette of the car’s hand-built body and unique styling which features amongst much other detail, a fold-down picnic seat. This car will appeal to anybody who desires a truly individual sports car, which can boast a fine British pedigree and which will only be produced in limited numbers, thus ensuring the kind of exclusivity associated with Britain’s once proud heritage of traditional, high-quality, automotive coach-building”. 

Top Marques Show in Monaco 

The ‘Speedback’ will travel to Monaco to be shown publicly for the first time at the exclusive Top Marques show, which runs at the Grimaldi Forum from 17th to 20th April. The car will be on display on stand F3 and the full team will be available to discuss the car, its specifications and to take orders during the event.  The David Brown Automotive website has been launched which features full information on ‘Speedback’, plus beautiful images of the car and the craftsmanship behind it. There is also the opportunity to join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook using #HistoryInTheMaking.


Der-de-de-der der der der ... Der-de-de-der der der der.....

absolute mirror of the unique Aston Martin - the English dream vehicle of any worth driver.

Was anyone else humming the Bond theme when they saw the pictures?

A 2014 DB6 then? Verry nice. Bet Henry Ford is kicking himself, which is why David Brown can't use his own initials.

Absolutely beautiful. British to the core. If I save up I might be able to buy one before I pop my clogs