posted 7 years ago

New Car Buying Tips

New cars cost more than a Hollywood divorce settlement

New cars cost more than a Hollywood divorce settlement and the consequences of choosing an unsuitable vehicle can be more tedious than watching a chick-flick. As such, Simon Elstow from the Institute of Advanced Motorists has revealed a few car buying tips:

- Decide on the type of your car you need. Do you need a car to ferry the children around? Or do you need to think about luggage space to carry your sports kit? Make sure your choice fits the purpose.

- Know your budget. How much you are able to spend? Think about potential insurance and other running costs as well, not just purchase price. Most importantly, stick to your budget.

- Road tax is related to carbon emissions so the lower the emissions, the better.

- Check the running costs before you buy. Diesel cars can offer better fuel economy but are more expensive. Don’t forget car depreciation; think about how much the car will depreciate in its first three years and how this will affect the price if sold second-hand.

- Check for hidden extras – such as additional charges for number plates or delivery.

- Test drive. You need to find out if the car is comfortable and suits your needs.

Elstow said: “Buy a car with the latest safety technology and aim for five Euro NCAP stars. NCAP rates cars according to how safe they are, with five being the best. Before you take the plunge, do the research.”