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New: Check MOT And Tax Status Online For Free

New DVLA Vehicle Enquiry Service Launched In UK

The Vehicle Enquiry Service enables a motorist to confirm the MOT/tax status of a car within seconds. This free online service has a wide range of uses. Firstly, a buyer can - from a mobile phone if necessary – confirm a seller's claim that an MOT expires (say) in June 2015. The seller might cite paperwork as evidence, but this should not be relied on as it can be replicated with minimal expertise. All that is required is a computer, printer, scanner, free software and a little time. The service also allows an existing owner to confirm when a certificate expires without rummaging for paperwork. Furthermore, confirming that a vehicle is taxed – and when this tax expires – helps the owner stay legal. This will be particularly beneficial when the tax disc is withdrawn as there will no longer be a reminder in the windscreen (from October 2014). The Vehicle Enquiry Service has the potential to help remove an unsafe vehicle from the road too. A motorist might, for example, have a neighbour that he/she suspects is putting fellow road users at risk by driving an unsafe car, e.g. no MOT. Confirmation now comes online and the authorities can be informed. Finally, MOT testers can more easily check when a car's certificate expires. This minimises the number of people that book the test too early, then withdraw.

How To Use Vehicle Enquiry Service

The Vehicle Enquiry Service is simple to operate. The motorist enters the car's registration and manufacturer into the system, then clicks “search”. The results confirm whether it is taxed and tested and the dates of expiry. This information complements a range of other facts that can be invaluable to a potential buyer. Highlights include the date of first registration, year of manufacturer, engine capacity, carbon emissions, fuel type, tax class, colour, etc. The motorist can also enter the V5C document reference number to reveal when the latest log book was issued (optional). However, he/she has to recognise that any changes within the past five days – e.g. if the vehicle has been subject to a SORN – might not be shown online. Such facts take time to filter through, after all. The motorist can also write to the DVLA if he/she believes the search results are incorrect. The address is shown. The Vehicle Enquiry Service is fully functional but in BETA. It is, therefore, an advanced prototype that might improve based on user feedback. 


great idea

great !!

Great now people can check on there vehicles if they misplaced there documents

Hi I wanted to check the not and can tex ?

To check my details

I am purchasing a Land Rover Discovery SE 2005 diesel/manual and wish to know the road tax situation with it please.

long overdue and welcomed. This will help to put chancers off the road. The law abiding driver has nothing to fear

Need to know the mot

Typical racist government thing to do

I came back to read other folks comments & I see my comment's being looked at by a Mod. What's wrong with saying that Polish vehicles that have been here for many month/years should be looked at. Oh dear. We must not upset anyone now should we!!!!! What's wrong with the TRUTH?

This smacks of "big brother"


How can you check the MOT on a car not belonging to you when you have to supply not just the registration but the MOT test number as well?? Surely this means you have all the necessary information anyway??

As Dick Bennett commented above, I too have been using this facility for years, so what is new? There is a new facility that can check drivers licence details how about you 'headline' that?

Help me, I am confused. How is this facility 'new' - I've been using this (or a similar service) via the website for at least 5 years. I ALWAYS check the status of vehicles in which I am interested AND the relevant expiry dates of documents relating to those I presently own, so fail to see how this can be an improvement.


Well done about time . Then let's. Look at the road side. Car dealers to next

I'm sick to death of reading an article on a particular webpage and the url is absent. It's like having advertising a full English breakfast and then saying 'yes Mr Turvil your order for breakfast won't take long but, by the way, we don't have any eggs or bacon, sorry about that'!

Absolutely fantastic

Isn't there a privacy issue here?

I agree with Davinder this article is totally worthless without the correct URL!

good idea

can be very useful

could you please let us know th link address for checking mot history

I've beeen using this service the last couple of months. Great bit off info displayed and YES, personalised plates do show

"A motorist might, for example have a neighbour that he/she suspects is putting fellow road users at risk by driving an unsafe car. e.g no MOT". Very useful for registered "British" cars, but what about ALL the Polish vehicles that drive around for years without tax or MOT. When are they going to tackle those??? Probably never!!!!

Extremely useful.

This is really good news and the quicker we can view personalised plates the better thank you

Check MOT And Tax Status

Good idea

Does not work for personalised registration plates!!


My comments is,its about time DVLA, come up with this,its a good idear,so i do not have to look for Documents. Thank you.

Bout time this came out

It let you see who ppl are as well as like undercover police cars if you out the reg in it tells you police under tax class

About time that costly methods of taxing vehicles was abandoned and everything is included in the price of fuel used. Only the vehicles registered number is required for identification purposes

Great! How can I now use it!!?

about time easier to check on online

And about time too. We have the technology, about time it was used for the benefit of the buyer. It will put paid to the likes of Mo Alhroom Abid selling dodgy cars, causing accidents that kill people.

Let's make our road a safer place to be.

This has thrown a spanner in the works for my dodgy car sales business. 'You bought it sold as seen innit'.

About time. It's really great as everything is moving to Online' it makes it easier to check MOT and Tax without looking for misplaced documents.