posted 7 years ago

New Chevrolet Aveo Rugby Challenge

How many rugby players fit into a new Chevrolet Aveo?

How many rugby players fit into a new Chevrolet Aveo? Based on the freakish size of my friend, I would suggest 'none' – but Chevrolet disagrees. In fact, eleven beefy blokes from the Shelford Rugby Club recently climbed into this surprisingly spacious supermini. I wonder if they ever got out? Either way... now it is your turn. Chevrolet is challenging rugby clubs to visit their dealerships and beat eleven. Players must be completely within the vehicle and the doors and tailgate must shut. So, you in the boot – no cheating! Results will be compiled via a Facebook league table, with the winning team being confirmed late in 2012. The prize is new rugby gear and other 'goodies'. An Aveo, please?

Chevrolet UK Managing Director, Mark Terry, revealed: “This is a great opportunity for local rugby clubs to get themselves in the news during the close season, and to keep their competitive spirit going through the summer.” He added: “While I wouldn’t recommend driving with a full rugby team in the car, it does show how much interior capacity the Aveo has. It’s also a much more aggressive and masculine looking car than many of its rivals, and we believe this will give it added appeal to younger male motorists as well as more traditional supermini buyers.”