posted 7 years ago

New Citroen C1 Meets James Bond?

Is the new Citroen C1 the perfect car for James Bond? It might be,

Is the new Citroen C1 the perfect car for James Bond? It might be, as there are rumours that the forthcoming film is being produced on a more 'restricted' budget than previous instalments. In fact, the media has suggested that only one foreign location will be filmed – and that the team is also heading for Bognor Regis. Nope, not kidding. Mr Bond could save a few more pounds by drinking coke rather than Vodka Martinis, swapping his fancy mobile for a second-hand Nokia, and trading-in his Aston Martin DB5. How the mighty fall.

As such, the Citroen C1 is the perfect cost-cutters companion. It is more fuel efficient than its predecessor, for starters, so it averages up to 65.7mpg. Emissions fall as low as 99g/km, making some versions eligible for free road tax. Furthermore, this run-around has a 1.0-litre 68bhp engine that propels the super-spy towards the bad guy – and to 62mph - in about fourteen seconds. Let us pray his nemesis has little more than a bicycle. This 'mighty' engine is wrapped-up in new bodywork. Hopefully Bond likes the C1's shorter bonnet, new nose, and LED daytime lights. At least this eco-champion is available with steering wheel mounted paddle-shift transmission. I bet that reminds Bond of his ex-Aston.