posted 6 years ago

New Citroen C1 Prices Confirmed

Prices for the new Citroen C1 have been confirmed and you could save a fortune.

Prices for the new Citroen C1 have been confirmed and you could save a fortune. This is thanks to the 'Citroen Reward', which reduces the recommended retail prices for the entire range by £1,000. As such, the entry-level 1.0i 68 manual three-door VT now costs £6,995 – and the five-door version is £7,345. Happy days. Prices for the three and five door VTR fall to £7,995 and £8,345, respectively – and the high-spec VTR+ costs from £8,695 to £9,045. Finally, the high-end five-door EGS VTR+ could be sitting on your drive for £9,545.

But I have to ask this question. Is the new Citroen C1 confused? It appears to be, as this run-around is available with steering wheel mounted paddle-shift transmission. That is the sort of gadget we see on hard-core racing machines, not cheap-as-chips city cars. What next? Perhaps the manufacturer will bolt solid rocket boosters to the chassis, or shoehorn a few thousand bhp under the pint-sized bonnet. At least this racing-style gearbox helps the new C1 stand out from the crowd – and traditionalists can still choose a standard five- speed manual model. What a relief. I would hate to confuse the C1 with a Formula 1 car.

The new Citroen C1 has a few more tricks to make its predecessor redundant. It is more fuel efficient, for starters, so it now averages up to 65.7mpg. Also, emissions fall as low as 99g/km, making some versions eligible for free road tax and exempt from the London congestion charge. Furthermore, its 1.0-litre 68bhp engine is wrapped-up in new bodywork. The shorter bonnet, new nose, and LED running lights make it look fresh. Further enhancements include the Connecting Box that features Bluetooth and a USB port. Very nice too, especially considering the new C1 is cheaper than a bag of old screws.