posted 8 years ago

New Citroen Nemo HDi 75 660 X

The new Citroen Nemo HDi 75 660 X is almost cheaper than walking.

The new Citroen Nemo HDi 75 660 X is almost cheaper than walking. To be precise, this entry-level diesel model could be your new workmate from only £10,765 plus VAT. Designer shoes cost more. The Nemo's cost cutting tendencies extend to its engine. This 75hp hold- all averages a highly respectable 65.7mpg and manages a staggering 74.3mpg on the extra- urban cycle. Great for those who prefer spending cash on better things than fuel.

The new Citroen Nemo HDi 75 660 X is 3.86 metres long and 1.68 wide. This makes it compact enough to nip around town easily, which is a welcome contrast to some larger vans. Never fear though, despite its dimensions the Nemo can carry 2.5m3 worth of equipment - so long as it weighs no more than 610kg. Load volume can be increased to 2.8m3 by folding the passenger seat beneath the floor. This allows it to carry lengthy loads up to 2.5 metres.

Standard Nemo HDi 75 660 X equipment includes one air-bag, ABS, and a CD stereo. This can play MP3s too, including Nancy Sinatra's 'These Boots Are Made For Walking'. Furthermore, the cabin has a 12 volt power socket for accessories such as sat-nav. Very few extras are available, but a passenger air-bag can be specified for £100. Regrettably, basics such as steering wheel adjustment and air-con are unavailable - even for an extra charge.

An alternative to buying this van outright is the Elect 3 Pro contract. Terms for this business only package include paying a deposit ranging from 10% to 40% of the vehicle's value - plus the total VAT. So, motorists can drive a new van for a fraction of its value. The contract also requires thirty-seven monthly payments, which include interest. At the end of the term either return the vehicle, use its equity to start a new contract, or make one final payment to own it.