posted 9 years ago

New Citroen Nemo Review

The new Citroen Nemo is the Swiss Army Knife of light commercial vehicles.

The new Citroen Nemo is the Swiss Army Knife of light commercial vehicles. Here come the reasons. Firstly, at 3.86 metres long it is small enough to nip around town easily. Quite a contrast to some larger vans that feel less manoeuvrable than a boat in a pond. These pint- sized dimensions make parking the Nemo virtually effortless too, which is handy for those occasions when your customers' driveways are smaller than a precision screwdriver.

Never fear though, despite its modest size the new Citroen Nemo can still carry 2.5m3 worth of equipment - so long as it weighs no more than 610kg. For extra versatility, the passenger seat can fold flat under the floor to enable the van to carry lengthy loads up to 2.5 metres. Great for piles of pipes - bad for your mate who then has to sit on the roof. Access to the load area is easy thanks to the Nemo's low sill, sliding side panel, and the 180 degree opening rear doors.

The new Citroen Nemo is available with a choice of two engines. The pick of the bunch is the 1.3-litre diesel. This 75hp version, in five-speed automatic guise, returns a combined average of 68.9mpg. In manual form it still manages a highly respectable 65.7mpg. The alternative engine is a 1.4-litre petrol unit. This has the same power as its sibling but only averages 44.1mpg. The diesel has considerably more torque too, so it is the superior machine.

Prices for the new Citroen Nemo start at £9,265 plus VAT. This is for the entry-level petrol version which is only available with manual transmission. Alternatively, hard working load- luggers who fancy the top-of-the-range model will have to pay £12,065 plus VAT. It clearly takes quite a few jobs to pay for this variant - but it has extras such as air-conditioning, electric mirrors, and an adjustable steering wheel. See, the Nemo is a Swiss Army Knife.