posted 7 years ago

New Convertibles From Only 189 Per Month's finance section is overflowing with fantastic value new convertibles's finance section is overflowing with fantastic value new convertibles from only £189 per-month. This appealing modest price is for the Volkswagen Beetle which is available on a personal contract purchase plan (PCP). Terms include thirty-six payments at 7.9% APR, plus the £4,849 deposit. Should you wish to buy the Bug outright at the end of the contract, the optional purchase payment is £6,780.

Motorists who fancy a Volkswagen convertible but find the Beetle too cute, may prefer the more restrained Eos. This is available, again on a personal contract plan, for thirty-six payments of £249 at 7.9% APR. Wannabe owners will also have to raid their wallet for the £6,149 deposit, and save £9,015 during the contract if they choose to settle the final purchase payment.

Right, that covers German machinery – what does Japan have to offer? When motoring enthusiasts think of a Japanese convertible, the Mazda MX-5 springs to mind like an excited cocker spaniel. This legendary lifestyle statement is available for a rock-bottom deposit of £500, plus thirty-six payments of £297 at 5.9% APR. This PCP's purchase payment is £7,594 which is reasonable for such a capable cabriolet.

The final tantalising prospect comes in the shapely form of the Peugeot 308 2.0-litre HDI GT 2dr Sports. This French offering is listed, on a hire purchase agreement, for a £5,686 deposit plus forty-eight payments of £355 at 0% APR. No interest to pay, then. Vive la France!