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New ‘DVSA’ replaces the ‘DSA and VOSA’

New agency for maintaining vehicle standards

A new agency has been launched responsible for maintaining vehicle standards namely the Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA). This agency replaces the ‘DSA’ the Driver Standards Agency and the ‘VOSA’ the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency. The DSA is responsible for road safety by setting standards for driving and motorcycling plus it is also responsible for the education and training of drivers and riders. The agency also carries out driving and riding tests. The VOSA is responsible for licensing, testing and enforcement services with the aim of improving the roadworthiness standards of vehicles, ensuring the compliance of operators and drivers with road traffic legislation, and supporting the independent Traffic Commissioners.

The new agency employs approximately four thousand six hundred people and is responsible for setting, testing and enforcing driver and vehicle standards in Great Britain.  Transport Minister Robert Goodwill said “in June the department announced that DSA and VOSA would merge to form a new agency. This decision was made following the motoring services strategy consultation, and is a demonstration of the government’s commitment to put customers and businesses at the heart of its services. The two organisations have a history of working closely together and the merger is an opportunity for the DVSA to provide even better and more efficient customer service to motorists and commercial operators. I fully support the new agency and look forward to seeing the DVSA take shape from April 2014.”

The new Agency will be formally launched in April 2014; there will be a gradual introduction with no change to the level or quality of services during the transition period. There will be new branding when both the services merge. The DVSA will have a broad range of responsibilities, including processing applications for licences to operate lorries and buses, operating testing schemes for all vehicles, and enforcing the law on vehicles to ensure that they comply with legal standards and regulations. The agency will also enforce drivers’ hours and licensing requirements, provide training and advice for commercial operators, investigate vehicle accidents, defects and recalls, and run tests for instructors of large goods vehicles, as well as driver trainers.

To ensure costs are kept as low as possible there will be a phased approach to the introduction of the new branding over the next financial year, where items will be replaced when stocks run out. 


whilst DVSA is a powerful new agency, it does not have draconian powers as some would suggest. The law abiding truckers have nothing to fear. It's the non compliant that are targeted.44000 kgs GVW trucks are destructive in the wrong hands. How often do you see LGVs are a cars length behind someone on the motorway in blinding rain at 56 mph? or two of them side by side on the two inside lanes neither willing to give way and taking a mile to overtake? I speak from experience having both LGV and PCV licenses and years of experience driving oversized vehicles in the military.

the actual price the ministry charges mot station is less than 10GBP thats a fact so discounts are a good thing we motorists are hit hard from every angle so to stupidly suggest fixing the rate for mot what price would you put on it its usually an hours work

Why should the MOT be a fixed price? its expensive enough already to run a car!! there are enough checks of Test stations to ensure that the tester aren't dodgy and if that is your argument then they would just be expensive and dodgy.

archie this new dept includes the dsa so a lot of the 4600 employees of the agency will be driving examiners who at the moment are part of the dsa employed to examin learner drivers

I was always shocked that as a lorry driver there was a dedicated secret police force with unlimited powers {vosa} specifically targeted towards one essential highly skilled, overworked section of the labour force , largely unregulated , who could fine, ban and remove your livlihood as they wished. To find out that they number 4thousand 6hundred publicly paid non producing individuals is truly shocking .

I see no reason to prevent discounting of the MOT unless of course you own a testing station.Competition can only be good for the consumer

I would suggest that the price of the M.O.T. should be fixed and that no Testing Station be allowed to Discount