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New Extra Large Parking Spaces For Women

South Korea Introduces Women Only Parking Spaces

Oh dear. Here we go. South Korea has introduced women only parking spaces in its capital that are longer and wider than their traditional counterparts. What a way to start the “can women park as well as men” debate. These “she-spots” are roughly twenty centimetres longer and ten centimetres wider than standard spaces, and outlined with pink lines rather than white. Some also have a women only sign painted into the centre that resembles a person wearing a short skirt. Nearby signs on poles emphasise the message - “men keep out”. These bays are now a standard feature of car parks that have more than thirty spaces. China has a similar concept too. Now, it could be argued that these bays are more sexist than an old-style comedian at the end of a peer. Why? Because their proportions suggest women cannot manoeuvre into a standard space. Whatever the thinking behind these bays there is – in my experience – one truth. Some people can park, some cannot. This is irrespective of gender, age, experience, size of the space, the vehicle, traffic and whatever the horoscope claims. So, no. Women as a whole do not need larger bays but some people - for whatever reason – might find them handy. 

Mayor Introduces Challenging Men Only Parking Spaces

Oh dear. He we go. A few years ago, a mayor in Germany introduced male only bays in a new car park. He concluded that men are better drivers so these spaces were tricky to access. Challenges included manoeuvring around pillars, sidestepping walls, mastering spaces that were not square and negotiating an imaginative variety of angles. These bays were highlighted with a male only symbol and marked on a plan of the car park. However, women were not fined for taking on the challenge. These men only bays caused a stir and there accusations of sexism. But all was not as it seemed. The mayor was, in fact, trying to attract people to his town that was more associated with nice views than sexism. His objective was to increase tourism and generate wealth for the vicinity that was home to five-thousand people. The plan worked and the mayor was interviewed for television and a wide range of magazines. It was one of the most imaginative and risky publicity stunts of recent times. Brave man. I wonder if he can park.


Doesn't the world ever move forward. Crikey I was a taxi driver for a number of years and had to extricate myself from some very tricky spaces whilst trying to pick up passengers and over the years found it fine. Practice whether you are a male or a female is the answer. I have men friends who have difficulty parking, even some who have automatic cars. Get a grip!!!!

A great Idea !!! I'll even go for a sex change to get away from other parkers who cannot manage to open their car doors without sticking it into my bodywork, As cars are getting larger, the standard doors need more space to open and gain access, so standard UK spaces are becoming too small ..

Spaces are too narrow to accommodate modern cars.

Great idea. If i can also use them. But if i cant just because i am packing meat n 2 veg then i demand male only parking spaces too. As this is discrimination Disabled have a space mum n dads do so why not bloke only then retired only be a good money earner selling pain and paying a chimp to paint it.

seems an interesting.

Jaysus, I've seen it All now!It seems as if women are the only ones needing extra space, e.g. for kids exiting 4x4's and people carriers. Men/Dads drive them too. Or is it a case of accomodating widening hips/bellies etc?. If so, then don't be sexist just put up the "Danger Wide Load Sign"! Simples! :-)

If women can't reverse or park in a regular parking bay, how the heck did they pass their driving test!

very sexist stil what do you expect from asian countries.

you must be joking if woman cannot park in a standard size bay leave the car at home

Parking are not narrow nowadays! It is the cars that got so big. I cannot believe how many people drive that stupidly oversized 4x4 wanna be rubbish behaving like they driving a mini! You know you nee to realize you car is wider and bigger so don't drive mile from the curb. It stupid! Shame most of these drivers are usually school run mummies, or directors to extend their family heritage. Shame...

If this isn't click bait I don't know what is. Either way I clicked to just air that out. You're welcome.

Would Never work in the UK, WHY, because the prats would Spray Paint the other genders Manhood, or Boobbies in black paint on every Bay, also lie in wait at these bays to rob or attack the Female Drivers..

I used to drive a large 4x4 and a car park in Nottingham had a designated area for 4x4s - a brilliant idea. I would willingly pay 50% extra (or simply a fee in free supermarket car parks) for wider bays to avoid (hopefully) door dings. I always try to park in the 'no dents' area well away from the masses of inconsiderate drivers. My XK8 Jag was dinged by a prat in a Folkestone multi-storey and he got quite aggressive when I challenged him (why?) - there were two of us sitting in the car at the time. In fact, the only people I've caught opening car doors on to other cars were men. I parked well away from other cares when I bought a new Volvo XC60 only to note a Disco driver park next to me at Homebase - why? When I came out he had dropped something on my bonnet and wing and it cost nearly £800 to repair! Perhaps wider bays would have helped?

More room for my car!Fantastic idea as I am fed up with people of both genders damaging my car by parking so close, as a woman I am all for it. That said this would be unnecessary if parking spaces in general were not so tiny!

most women need more space to park as the are not aware of there surrounding as much as men

I find it insulting! I don't need a bigger space, I just reverse in to any space. Some multi storey car parks have very narrow spaces and they need changing. Many women can park far better than men!!!

What a load of crap, what next, hybrid car slots, 4x4 slots. Why don't the idiots who decide on such narrow parking spaces give another. Half a metre? Beyond me why spaces are so stupidly narrow these days.

Great idea! I have just bought a brand new Mazda 3 Fastback and would be very happy to park in a larger bay leaving more space to avoid those idiots who open their car doors wide and smash into the car next to them. If it means no dents or scratches caused by other drivers you can call me what you like!!!!

When are supermarkets going to wise up that we do not want dents in our car doors. Offer me a wide enough parking space and you will get my custom every time. At our local Tesco we have a huge car park and like minded people park as far from the shop as possible and this area is generally known as the no dents end.

Bloody cheek!!! Women are far better at parking than men. I used to have to park my husband's Ford Focus for him-he just couldn't do it, and I'm not the only woman to have to park their husbands cars for them. Utter rubbish! Don't even consider it for the UK.

Sex or kids shouldn't get you a bigger parking bay, having a posh new car should.

Will this mean they pay more to park. it is not really far to offer women larger spaces, without charging more for it. i have seen some women parking and 2 spaces are not enough. the problem comes is some parking spaces are too small for the car of today. it may have been different if said we will have area for women to park that has better lighting on security camera. some multi storeys are very dark with too many dangerous areas

Excellent Idea! No more dents and scratches on my doors...

I agree with many of the comments already made. Most existing bays are actually too small for the majority of modern cars (exception being places like Costco which are of course, American). Meter bays are a prime case in point, but of course this gives the little Hitlers the opportunity to issue tickets because you aren't properly in the marked area and generate more revenue. If I lived in South Korea, I would object to the fact that having these bays only for women means less spaces for men, so is discriminatory. I don't care that they are bigger (other than the fact that if you had enough of them you would proportionally lose more regular bays. Has anyone noticed that the car in the adjacent pink bay has still managed to park over the dividing lines.......

Yeah more equality needed, but rather than bigger parking spaces for all; how about mandatory sex changes for all men!

In the days when i had a young family thier was just the disabled spaces, but many have fake blue badges sadly for the genuine ones.Then the family bays where people park without a any child we never had those bays with our children, coped ok and so can they.Now we have in some countrys women bays only, talk about the men being discriminated also tese bays are not needed,it is getting more stupid.

Dennis Ray. No we are not equal, we are far superior. Paul Vokes. There are a lot of quite offensive remarks that have been posted. I wonder why you chose to pick on mine? mmmmmmm? Some of you should try a little experiment: Go out in your car dressed as a woman and see how you are treated by male drivers. You may get quite a shock.

Women have been banging on for years to be equal. Well they are not and never will be, bless them. So I say NO to bigger, women only spaces. I would say YES to bigger spaces for everyone.

Disabled people, parents with children, women - what next? Special slots for ethnic monorities, asylum seekers, left handed people, pensioners.........? Soon there'll be nowhere for ordinary citizens to park.

What is the point of adding yet another dedicated parking space when some people ignore disabled and parent with child spaces. More cause for rage!!!

There has been research which suggests that men have better special awareness (which could explain their better parking), whereas women are better at judging distances (and are therefore less likely to have accidents involving tailgating or high speed accidents, which was originally recognised by insurers, but is now considered discriminatory by the EU). Of course, these are sweeping generalisations, but they can help inform decisions, like insurance and parking spaces. I'm afraid I've been around too long to worry about being PC. If someone wants to introduce female parking spaces and women want to use them because they find it easier, then so be it. Why should anyone complain about making life easier because it is not PC?

I don't know anything about what foreigners get up to and if I did it probably wouldn't be valid here in a country where housing is the third smallest on the planet and getting smaller all the time so especially small furniture is necessary in spite of the fact the people are getting taller and wider. The powers in this country are mean and getting meaner all the time except when it is something for themselves. The same can be said of the effect the powers are having on parking spaces... When car parks with metaled surfaces and marked bays became popular in this country the average family car occupied less space than an early Ford Escort or Vauxhall Astra and there were lots of even smaller cars around and even a large car in the 1950's and 60's was quite modest by today's standards and so the size of the parking bays then was quite acceptable. Today they are unacceptable because not only have the small cars of today grown to the proportions of the medium cars of yesteryear there are greater proportions of larger cars in bays the same size they have been for more than half a century. It isn't just about getting parked, though some are better at that than others but once parked a high degree of patience, care and good manners are needed and as a society these are things also in decline. I recently saw a photo of a large Japanese car parked in a bay outside an American supermarket - it would have been possible to open the car doors and still walk around the car without stepping outside the bay. Such a thing in this country would be extravagent and foolish but surely it is past time our planners recognised our cars and ourselves have got significantly bigger in the last fifty years.

I think the whole topic is very amusing!

I hope they pay a slightly higher charge for the privilege of the larger space. Ha Ha. This is nothing more than being sexist. There are good & bad drivers of both genders. My ex girlfriend could parallel park better than most, because she had to learn or park down the street.

Women often have childre to unload with there bugys etc .Bigger space makkes snse . Helps prevent dood dings etc.

@ Deborah Mcneice. That's a wonderfully ignorant statement! What exactly irks you about the parent and child spaces then? Is it how they prevent doors being damaged by parents struggling to get the child out of their seat? It can't be the location because most aren't placed near doors. The consideration is to space not having an upper hand! But hey just as having a child is our choice I guess ignorance is equally yours.

I'm not for this stupid Idea I'm want to be on par with men and I certainly drive better

The double lines to ensure parking in centre of bay a great idea. Make parking on the line an offence.

As a pink paint manufacturer I am all for the idea. We believe the demand for yellow has peaked.

Perfect! Its about time men realised we are more important than them! We don't need these spaces because we can't park, we need them because we are the superior sex!

Yep...brilliant idea. ..women like everything a few inches bigger!

...and just how will they ask people to prove they are female? Is a sex test involved or do the parking wardens just peek down your trousers or up your skirt? What about transgenders or people who have had a sex-change or even drag artists? Is it their legal status that counts or their mental status or their levels of oestrogen? Providing spaces with better lighting that are nearer to exits is OK, but larger spaces... Oh wait... will this mean my car won't be scraped any more when I come back from shopping - OK, I vote for this to be implemented at all Waitrose car parks now!

Sex discrimination, no other name for it. In general, driving standards are shockingly bad, often its the driving instructors who pass on their bad habits. I speak from experience when my kids were learning to drive, very quickly spotting this and changing instructors sorted that. As for parking spaces, they are too small in this country, they are the same size as they have been for decades, cars back then were as long, but a lot narrower. Cars have bloated in width due to the having air bags in the doors and sides. No allowance has been made for this, either in parking spaces, or driving lanes. It seems the only way to get some space on the road these days, is to ride a bike in a cycle lane, shame they don't pay road tax and have registration numbers too, them I could report all those silly bikers for breaking just about every law there is.

The jobsworths who dream up these things would be better employed elsewhere....may I suggest in the middle of the Sahara desert? Surely we get enough crap from officialdom in all countries and all it's doing is keeping the nobs in jobs at the top' supervising' them. That's whay wrong with the world...but women want equality (womens 'lib')so NO concessions for them.

Great, can they put one outside my favourite shoe shop? Better still just put my name in it! Sorry Frederic Farmer, but you must know the wrong women because I and my female friends know where the battery, oil, water, break fluid is found. I myself have shown a male colleague how to change his flat tyre. Plus in an effort to counteract male relatives' inability to believe that women can drive properly and well, two of us have taken the RoSPA advanced driving course and passed at gold standard. The whole idea of female parking spaces is complete croc rot and obviously invented by a man. On the other hand we should invent male only lanes on dual carriageways and at roundabouts, so that they can run the rest of us off the road safely.

Great idea, I will use these spaces! Not because I can't drive but to give my car more space, some people like parking next to my car yet the car park is empty, some folk park so close to it you'd think it has a sticky substance on it!!!! Talk about invading your space.

Make em as large as you want they still won't be able to park between the lines. (check out the car in the next bay)!

As a woman driver I say if you can't park in a normal space, you shouldn't be driving. Learn to manouver your vehicle!!

Great idea to have women parking together so all their own doors get damaged. Seriously, it can't work." My wife parked here, I'm just picking the car up" will be the most common excuse. Next we will have women only lanes! Great idea too haha. More wasted expenseexpense from an idiot that sits in an office all day.

There shouldn't be special spaces for anyone other than disabled people.It really anoys me when I see a parent and child space as it was their choice ! Spaces should be bigger though in general.