posted 9 years ago

New Ferrari FF Reminiscent of Land Rover Discovery

This may sound a bit crazy, but the new Ferrari FF reminds me of a Land Rover Discovery.

This may sound a bit crazy, but the new Ferrari FF reminds me of a Land Rover Discovery. Both are highly prestigious, both cost a King's Speech ransom, both make your neighbours green with envy, and – crucially – both have four-wheel-drive. This is big news for the legendary Italian sports car manufacturer, as the FF is their first four-wheel-drive production model. Sounds pretty intriguing, so let's see what this £240,000 predator has to offer.

The new Ferrari FF, which stands for 'Ferrari Four', is a luxurious grand tourer that seats four people in comfort and has plenty of space for their expensive luggage. In fact, this strikingly beautiful machine has a 450-litre boot, which is more space than the Ford Focus hatchback offers families. This surprisingly large storage capacity can be increased to 800-litres by folding the rear seats flat, so Ferrari owners can now easily transport their entire diamond collection.

The Ferrari FF's power comes courtesy of its mighty 6.2-litre 651bhp V12 engine. This connects to the four-wheel-drive system, that weighs roughly fifty per-cent less than Ferrari's traditional rear-wheel-drive layout, via Formula 1 style paddle-shift transmission. The result is 0-62 in 3.7 seconds and 208mph. The new FF also has a magnetic fluid-based damping system, carbon-ceramic brakes, and enough electronic wizardry to send mankind to Mars.

Prestigious vehicles of this nature tend to prioritise fashion over function, but the new Ferrari FF offers thrill seeking motorists the best of both worlds. Yes, it is faster than the speed of light; yes, it is stunningly attractive; but it is also spacious enough for family road trips and has tremendous four-wheel-drive traction. What a magnificent machine. The Land Rover Discovery and Ford Focus had better watch out. Now, where did I leave my chequebook?