posted 7 years ago

New Ferrari Hypercar For 2025

What is that thing? Looks like the Ferrari Hypercar concept for 2025.

What is that thing? Looks like the Ferrari Hypercar concept for 2025. This futuristic road- legal rocket may look like a flattened strawberry, but the industry has taken note of its memorable lines. In fact, this fruity machine was a finalist at the Ferrari World Design Contest. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Is this the direction Ferrari is heading? Are we doomed to watch millionaire footballers posing in the wheeled equivalent of a fruit basket?

Let us hope not. Futuristic performance cars should be controlled by thought, anticipate every whim, and have plenty of cargo space for your robotic personal assistant. But come on, why not screw this technology to something that resembles the Ferrari F40 – the F50 – or even the mighty Enzo? These hard-core racers look like a Ferrari should. No strawberry salad here, these beasts are full-fat stakes with lashings of spicy sauce.

By the way, the controversial Ferrari Hypercar concept for 2025 was conceived by the Istituto d'Arte Applicata e Design (IAAD) in Turin. Graduates (stand by for tricky to spell names) Salvatore Simonetti, Massimiliano Petrachi and Vincenzo Morlino claim their inspiration came from the Ferrari P3 and the P4/5. Apparently, the concept mixes extreme performance with strong emotional content. Does that mean it is so ugly it makes you cry?