posted 7 years ago

New Fiat Ducato Is Too Comfortable

We have a problem. The new Fiat Ducato is too comfortable.

We have a problem. The new Fiat Ducato is too comfortable. In fact, I suspect its occupants struggle to get any work done as they never want to leave the cosy cabin. But why? The interior of this revised workhorse feels car-like. It, therefore, has plenty of toys to make life more relaxing than a week-long massage. Highlights include the optional Blue&Me system. This enables van lovers to operate the audio system via voice commands. It is also compatible with some Apple products, and complements the standard-fit MP3 connection and CD player. This load-lugger is even available with an integrated TomTom satellite navigation system. Is the Fiat Ducato a van or BMW saloon?

But wait, there are more reasons to sell your home and move into the Fiat Ducato. Its central compartment is large enough to store a laptop computer, and can be locked for peace of mind. The van also has a refrigerated compartment that holds a 1.5-litre bottle, comfortable hard wearing seats, and a clipboard. These complement the new diesel engines that ensure the Ducato is cheaper to run than its predecessor. Displacements are now 2.3 and 3.0-litre, with outputs of: 110, 130, 148, and 177bhp. All are Euro 5 emissions compliant. These drag around eight body shells ranging from 8m3 to 17m3. Nice van then, the only thing missing is a fifty-inch flat-screen TV. Cross your fingers for a special edition.