posted 8 years ago

New Ford B-Max Revealed

News flash. The new Ford B-Max has doors.

News flash. The new Ford B-Max has doors. What, you want more? Okay, this compact multi-purpose vehicle has exceptionally easy cabin access thanks to a highly original design concept. This Fiesta-based mile-muncher has traditional front doors, sliding 'van style' rear doors, and no vertical pillars in between. This makes carrying large items far easier, as there is no need to manoeuvre around inconvenient pillars. What a great idea.

Apart from its funky doors the new Ford B-Max looks reassuringly familiar. Its profile resembles the Fiesta, its lights resemble the Fiesta, and the interior screams Fiesta. The front grill looks slightly out of place though, as if inspired by the controversial Aston Martin Cygnet. Styling aside, the B-Max is for those who like the C-Max but want something smaller and/or cheaper. As such this MPV might best be perceived as the new Fusion.

The Ford B-Max will be available with a wide range of engines. These include the 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol variant, which knocks-out roughly 100bhp. Quite a lot for a unit the size of a postage stamp. This pint-sized engine might, in due course, also be available in other vehicles including the latest Focus. It replaces a much larger unit, has more torque, and considerably better fuel economy. Great news for cash conscious motorists.