posted 7 years ago

New Ford Fiesta Sales Reach One Million Mark

Sales of the latest Ford Fiesta have reached one million in Europe

Sales of the latest Ford Fiesta have reached one million in Europe. UK drivers have snapped up almost a quarter of the new Ford Fiesta models with sales since launch totaling 239,742. The Ford Fiesta became the best selling car in the UK in January 2009 challenging the Ford Focus for top position.

The Ford Fiesta is offered in three and five body styles and a range of powertrains. The new all-electric power steering is perfectly weighted, precise and gives good feedback, the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) is now standard across the Ford Fiesta range.

The Ford Fiesta is a very pleasing modern car to look at and quite distinctive. It is smart, drives well and comes with a range of economical engines. The three-door models look sportier but the five-door models are in real life more practical. The interior of the Ford Fiesta has a nice combination of textures and materials; it is great to drive with terrific handling, precise steering and a supple well-judged ride. More recently the Ford Fiesta is the first car in its segment to achieve top crash test ratings in each of the world’s largest auto markets that perform safety testing; Europe, the U.S. and China.