posted 6 years ago

New Ford Focus ST at Goodwood

The Ford Focus ST is busier than the world's busiest bumble bee.

The Ford Focus ST is busier than the world's busiest bumble bee. As such, in 2012, it stars in The Sweeny – and will honour a scene from the film by racing a Jaguar XFR up the Goodwood hillclimb. What a remarkable sight that will be. The new Ford Focus ST - which is finished in jet-black for its acting début - has a 2.0-litre 250PS engine. It therefore hits 62mph in about six seconds and is capable of a crook-catching 155mph. The Flying Sqaud must be thrilled - as must the stunt drivers who will pilot this predator at Goodwood.

The Sweeny's Director and co-writer, Nick Love, commented: "It was important for me to collaborate with Ford on The Sweeney as their legacy with the original TV show is so strong – they're the perfect partner. I like the Ford Focus ST so much - I want one!"

Ford's link with the 1970s Sweeney TV series saw Regan, Carter, and their Flying Squad colleagues using a string of Ford Granadas, Consuls and Cortinas. These were required to help officers 'race' between locations to complete their paperwork. Government targets, health and safety forms, and insurance documents were the priorities. The new Ford Focus ST must now take-on this mighty challenge. I hope it has somewhere to keep a pen.