posted 9 years ago

New Ford Focus Traffic Sign Recognition

The new Ford Focus has a fantastic Traffic Sign Recognition System.

The new Ford Focus has a fantastic Traffic Sign Recognition System. This, courtesy of a forward-facing video camera mounted behind the rear-view mirror, monitors oncoming signs and displays them on a colour screen. In fact, it can show two signs simultaneously - perhaps the current speed limit and a no-overtaking instruction. This is an invaluable feature as even the most observant motorists occasionally miss important markers.

Now, the new Ford Focus knows the speed limit and intends to stick to it. As such it informs motorists that they are speeding. This encourages safe practice and minimises the risk of prosecution. The driver can choose when to be warned about infractions. This can be either 5, 10, or 15mph above the limit. This indicator – which can be deactivated - operates so long as the signs on the screen have not faded to grey. This occurs to indicate the road markings were passed some time ago. Newer signs appear in real-life colours.

The new Ford Focus comes as a practical five-door hatchback and a load-lugging estate. Prices start at £16,000 rising to £25,100 for the top-of-the-range version. As well as its Traffic Sign Recognition System, this small family car is available with Lane Departure Warning technology and a Torque Vectoring Control System. The latter maximise stability in tricky corners. Quite a specification for an everyday workhorse. Excellent work Ford.