posted 7 years ago

New Ford Ka From £119 Per-Month

Fancy a new Ford Ka from £119 per-month? Yes? Good news then.

Fancy a new Ford Ka from £119 per-month? Yes? Good news then. The 1.2 Studio version is now available on a cost effective personal contract purchase plan. Terms include twenty-four monthly payments, the £1,961 deposit, and a fairly pleasing 8.7% APR. At the end of the contract either return the car, or pay the £3,723 purchase payment to own it outright. Take a peek into's Car Finance section for more details.

The Ford Ka 1.2 Studio produces 69ps and reaches 62mph in 13.4 seconds. Not fast, but it compensates by sipping its fuel. As such, this three-door run-around averages 57.7mpg and manages up to 64.2mpg on the extra-urban cycle. Even around town, where cars often guzzle-gas, this workhorse returns 48.7mpg. Good stuff. Emissions are only 115g/ km, which equates to road tax band C/£30. Throw-in fun-focussed handling, stylish looks, and robust construction and it becomes clear why this urban maestro is so popular.

The Ford Ka 1.2 Studio clearly has plenty of strengths, particularly considering its tiny monthly price tag. However, motorists who love gadgets best look elsewhere. Standard equipment includes: power steering, an immobiliser, twin air-bags, and the CD player. That is about it. No electric windows, air-con, alloy wheels, or power mirrors. Still, no single machine can excel at everything - and overall this car outclasses many of its rivals.

this is a great deal. i could get finance i would take this up

I really want one but would never get finance as i had problems in the past....