posted 4 years ago

New Ford Ka Zetec 1.2 PCP Finance

Ford Ka Zetec 1.2 Low Cost Finance

The Ford Ka Zetec Options Plan is more stimulating than a super-strong high energy drink. Terms – that provide more stimulus than a sugar cube mixed with caffeine - include the £1,768.05 deposit of which the manufacturer contributes £1,453. This is followed by the first monthly instalment of £169 that includes the £10 finance facility fee. Thirty-five payments of £159 increase the total to £7,502.05. At the end of the contract the motorist can – if the car is still stimulating - make the £4,043 final payment to own it outright. This totals £11,545 including the £10 purchase fee and £1,350.05 interest (7.2% APR representative). Alternatively, it can be returned to the manufacturer with nothing to pay subject to mileage and condition. Mileage beyond nine-thousand per-annum is, therefore, charged at 7.2 pence per-mile and any excessive damage is charged according to severity. The latter encourages the motorist to treat the vehicle properly irrespective of whether he/she plans to keep it long term. Option three is to purchase, then part exchange via a new Personal Contract Plan. Pleasingly, if this city car is worth more than its final payment – perhaps because its presence stimulates the market - any difference contributes toward the newer car's deposit. How stimulating, ey.

New Ford Ka Zetec 1.2 Review

The Ford Ka Zetec 1.2 has class-leading handling to make motoring more stimulating than fifteen cups of coffee. As such it corners with confidence, the steering has a pleasant feel, the five-speed manual transmission is slick and the ride is composed for a city car. This workhorse is powered by a 69PS petrol engine that propels motorists to 62mph in 13.4 seconds. Whereas this is modest, it is respectable for the class and the engine has enough power for nippy manoeuvres at town speeds (0 to 30mph). Furthermore it averages 57.7mpg and can be taxed for free in year one as carbon emissions are low. The subsequent cost is £30 per-annum (current rate). The Zetec trim has a few nice toys too. Highlights include its: air-conditioning, front fog lights, privacy glass, fifteen-inch alloy wheels and the electronic stability program that makes cornering safer. The Ka also has room for four people to sit in comfort and a class-competitive 224-litre boot. The fashionable image, respectable build quality and modern styling further strengthen its appeal. This little machine is a compete package. How stimulating.