posted 8 years ago

New Ford Kuga Deserves Kicking?

Fancy giving the all-new Ford Kuga a proper kicking?

Fancy giving the all-new Ford Kuga a proper kicking? If so, rejoice – this funky fashion statement loves a bit of the rough stuff. But why? It has a system, you see, that enables motorists to open and close the boot by 'kicking' a foot under the rear bumper. This makes life easier when carrying fifteen tonnes of shopping. Top operate the hands-free tailgate the motorist must have the Kuga's key on their person. Somewhere in a bag is fine. Two sensors then detect the person's shin and kicking motion which triggers the mechanism. Safeguards prevent accidental operation, such as via a naughty cat running under the car.

“This is a perfect example of how we’re evolving existing technology to further improve our customers’ experience with Ford vehicles,” said Dominik Nical, Security Electronics Expert, Ford of Europe. “The result is a practical and unique solution to a common problem – opening the tailgate when your arms are full.”

The all-new Ford Kuga hits the showrooms in 2013. It is a 4x4 style vehicle, but some models may only have two-wheel-drive. If this workhorse inherits the current Kuga's strengths it will be comfortable, easy to drive, refined, nicely screwed together, and affordable. And no - despite the 'kick' boot there are no plans for a 'punch' operated radio.