posted 4 years ago

New Ford Mondeo: Everything You Need To Know

New Ford Mondeo: Safety, Environmental Responsibility And Equipment

The New Mondeo is a safety focussed, environmentally responsible and nicely equipped family workhorse. It comes in hatchback, estate and saloon form and costs from £20,795.

Safety Focussed

Euro NCAP is the independent body that assesses vehicle safety by – among other things - performing a series of crash tests. The New Mondeo earned its maximum 5 star rating.

The rating incorporates scores from four key areas: Adult Occupant Protection (86%), Child Occupant Protection (82%), Pedestrian Protection (66%) and Safety Assist that includes features that might prevent a collision such as the electronic stability programme (66%).

Features include Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection which scans the road ahead via a camera and radar. If it sees a hazard the motorist has not responded to - such as a stationary vehicle or pedestrian – there is a visual and audible alert. If the driver remains passive, it automatically brakes to mitigate the severity of the impact, or avoid it. 

The Mondeo also has inflatable rear seatbelts to minimise the energy that passes through passengers in a collision, and lane departure warning technology. These complement a system that calls the emergency services after a collision then reports the car's position.

Euro NCAP General Secretary, Michiel van Ratingen, says that the: “5-star standard is getting higher and higher and cars now have to combine outstanding occupant crash protection with sophisticated driver assistance systems in order to make the grade”.

Environmentally Responsible

The Ford Mondeo Hybrid trim has claimed the Next Green Car Large Family Car Award.

Its 2.0-litre petrol engine is teamed with two electric motors: one to help power the wheels and one to recharge the 1.4kWh lithium-ion battery that is stored behind the rear seats. The combination produces 187PS, returns 67.3mpg and emits carbon at a low rate of 99g/km.

Joe Bakaj, Vice President of Product Development for Ford of Europe, said: “With our first hybrid to be built in Europe, we’ve improved fuel efficiency and CO2 without sacrificing the power and driving experience Mondeo customers have come to expect.”


The New Mondeo has the equipment buyers expect from the class, plus a few extras.

Active Park Assist steers into parallel and perpendicular parking bays (while reversing). The motorist starts the system by pressing a button then it scans the surroundings for a suitable, empty, parking bay. Once found, the motorist releases the steering – that then moves independently – but continues to operate the throttle, transmission and brakes. 

The Active Air Grille Shutter is mounted in front of the radiator. It incorporates horizontal vanes that open and close based on the conditions. If the engine needs to be cooled the vanes open to allow air to reach the radiator. If, in contrast, the engine temperature is modest the vanes close to improve aerodynamic efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. 

Ford's Vehicle Line Director, Ulrich Koesters, said the car uses “innovation and technologies to deliver the most refined and user-friendly Mondeo driving experience yet.”