posted 5 years ago

New Ford Mondeo ‘Supercar’

Fitted with world’s most advanced engine

At the end of the year a new Ford Mondeo will be launched and this new model will be fitted with the world’s most advanced engine. The family car will be the first to be fitted with a 1-litre engine, which thanks to the advances in technology and turbocharging will go twenty miles further than its predecessor yet it will be more powerful than the original 1997 car which had an engine twice the size. Ford already use three cylinder one litre engines in a number of vehicles including the Ford Fiesta, the Focus and the C-Max. The engine uses petrol rather than diesel as the new smaller petrol engines provide a massive improvement when it comes to fuel economy. Fuel economy is now top of the list for most motorists, Vauxhall will begin selling their Adam city car with a one litre unit this summer and Fiat has a 0.9 litre petrol engine in its popular Panda model and the successful 500 model ranges. 

The styling of the new car brings it into line with the look of the latest Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus models, with the Mondeo getting the same wide front grille, plus other updates, both cosmetic and mechanical, to boost its popularity. The new Mondeo will get a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, while six-speed automatic gearboxes will be optional. If you opt for the new Ford Mondeo diesel this will also be available with an automatic gearbox, and there's a possibility buyers will be able to opt for four-wheel drive.

Ford SYNC will also be a feature, this is a fantastic entertainment system developed with Microsoft and features smartphone and Wi-Fi connectivity.

New safety technology should also make the Ford Mondeo a very safe car. Gadgets include a system that detects tiredness, cruise control that maintains a safe distance to the car in front, and a warning system that alerts the driver if they switch lanes without noticing a car in their blind spot.

There will also be a top of the range model the ‘Vignale’ priced at approximately £30,000 this will compete with the likes of the BMW 3 Series, the Mercedes C-Class and the Audi A4.  It will be equipped with all the upmarket features expected in this class including big alloy wheels, chrome door handles, a new grille, a redesigned front bumper and new fog lights. The interior will boast quilted leather seats, luxury floor mats and soft-touch leather on the dashboard and steering wheel. The Ford SYNC system and LED headlights are also included as standard.