posted 4 years ago

New Ford Mustang Available In Right Hand Drive

New Ford Mustang Mk6 In Right Hand Drive

The Ford Mustang will – for the first time in its fifty year history - be available with right hand drive from the factory. This sixth generation muscle car will, therefore, be exported to 25 right hand drive markets such as the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa. As of now, however, only a prototype exists that its manufacturer is evaluating to ensure it meets expectations. The Mustang will be available in the United States from late 2014 and elsewhere the following year. Despite the wait for right-hand drive markets, some motorists recently pre-ordered their example during the UEFA Champions League final of May 2014. As such – as the whistle blew to indicate the start of the match – 500 become available in Europe including 130 for the United Kingdom. Each will have a limited edition certificate. Furthermore, both the fastback and convertible were pre-ordered during the match that attracted a worldwide audience of 160 million. Fastback examples will be finished with red paint and convertibles with magnetic silver. Engines – that will complement one of most perfectly sculpted bodies on the market - will be a 2.3-litre EcoBoost that is likely to produce 309PS/407Nm of torque. There will also be a 5.0-litre V8 that is expected to have 426PS/529Nm. Fantastic. 

Ford Mustang Strengths, Fan Clubs And Film Credits

The Ford Mustang is legendary as it has excelled during its fifty year lifespan. Why? Because it has offered motorists a rare combination of potent performance, thrilling handling and sensible purchase/running costs. The muscular styling has been the cherry on the cake. Such strengths lead to the creation of more than 100 fan clubs. The Mustang has also featured in countless films. These include Bullitt – that stars Steve McQueen – and involves a chase that lasts nearly eleven minutes. This sequence is one of the most famous in cinematic history. Interestingly, Ford once revealed that the reverse burnout was not part of the script. McQueen – who was exceptionally talented behind the wheel – had missed his turn and took flamboyant corrective action. A Mustang also featured in Gone in Sixty Seconds that stars Nicolas Cage. His beloved example is known as “Eleanor” and takes a pounding. Other credits include: Drive, The Princess Diaries, Starman, I Am legend and Misery. The Mustang's first major film role, however, was months after the launch of the original alongside Sean Connery  in Goldfinger. Fantastic.