posted 4 years ago

New Ford Mustang Styling: Sketch To Production In 6 Years

2015 Ford Mustang: Designers Define What It Is

The styling of the 2015 Ford Mustang evolved from first sketch to production ready in six years - and its manufacturer has revealed how. The Mustang is a muscle car that has been produced since the sixties and is now entering its sixth generation.

To Ford workers, it is “the heart and soul of the company”. Its reinterpretation for the modern age began in 2009 and involved designers, engineers and marketing experts. Moray Callum, Ford Vice President of Global Design, said “We spent a lot of time amongst the team discussing the history of Mustang and what it meant to people.” The conclusion was that the manufacturer needed to have “a modern design that retained the essence of the brand”.

2015 Ford Mustang: Sketches Evolve Into Clay Models

Next, in 2010, Ford created hundreds of sketches incorporating the styling cues most associated with the badge. The long bonnet, bold grille, shark-front nose, fastback profile and tri-bar lights were reinterpreted in numerous forms. Interior sketches often had the symmetrical instrument panel and large analogue dials familiar from previous models. Moray Callum added “There are a few key elements that make Mustang a Mustang. We needed to edit those cues deciding which ones to retain, how to interpret them in a modern way, and how to combine them to create a car that is immediately identifiable. Looking at the different Mustangs over the past five decades, those cues have appeared in some years and not in others - but the end result was still Mustang.” In 2011, a handful of sketches were chosen to be transformed into clay models for three dimensional evaluation. After more work, three went into a final selection phase in 2012.

2015 Ford Mustang: Models Evolve Into Production Ready Look

Designers, clay sculptors and digital model makers then created a final, production ready, look. The shape/ size of the grille and headlights were refined, and the rear of the vehicle widened to create a more aggressive stance. For the interior, the chosen theme was inspired by the wing of an aeroplane. The manufacturer claims that the gauges, registers and toggle switches were placed for optimum usability - “just like” the cockpit of a plane. Designers also utilised modern lighting systems. LEDs illuminate the tri-bar rear lights, for example. The new Ford Mustang will be available in the UK from late 2015.