posted 8 years ago

New Free Car Valuation Tool

Get a free car valuation on's website is a fantastic place to get a free car valuation. This is potentially invaluable for both buyers and sellers, as establishing a vehicle's value is the first step to trading with the confidence of a cocky stockbroker. More good news is that the process only takes a few moments and is easier than falling off a booby-trapped log.

Stage one is to select the 'free car valuation' page from the main menu. This presents two options. Either enter the vehicle's registration number, or its generic details. These include the manufacturer, model, derivative, etc. After pressing the 'go' button simply check the displayed information is correct, enter the vehicle's mileage, and press 'confirm details'.

The free car valuation tool then performs a few number crunches and, after you enter some contact details, e-mails the valuation to your inbox. This includes a price that assumes the vehicle is in 'excellent' condition, as well as lower figures for an ''average' or 'poor' example. There is also a 'private sale' valuation for those who bypass the trade.

Motorists who secure the best possible price when buying or selling a vehicle start by defining its value.'s new free valuation tool makes this process simple, accessible, and convenient. Happy days!