posted 2 years ago

New Generation EQ Is Mercedes-Benz's Vision Of Electric Future

Exploration of the key features of this futuristic, “close-to-production”, fully electric, concept vehicle.

Power and charging

The Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ is a new, fully electric, concept car that is the basis of a range of forthcoming models. The manufacturer explained that its “basic architecture” is suitable for sports-utility vehicles, saloons, cabriolets and others. Parts such as the wheelbase, track and batteries can be adjusted to suit. 

The EQ has 2 electric motors that produce 300 KW (402bhp) and send power to a permanent 4x4 system to maximise traction. Expect 62mph in about 5 seconds and a maximum range of 310 miles. However, as with every electric vehicle factors such as temperature, how much weight is aboard plus the motorist's driving style influence range.

If launched, it could be charged at home via a wall box and cable or a wireless, induction, system whereby it only has to be parked nearby. Fast public chargers would speed the process. Furthermore, in the “medium to long” term the manufacturer expects faster chargers to transfer enough energy in 5 minutes to travel 62 miles.


Generation EQ styling blends sports-utility vehicle, coupé and shooting brake (estate), the manufacturer suggested. It emphasised its: broad shoulders, black bonnet, tinted panoramic roof, 21” wheels, minimal body panel joints and the concealed windscreen wipers. A remote opening function – rather than traditional door handles – helps the exterior project a smooth, sophisticated, look.

It lacks traditional wing/door mirrors, too. Instead, colour cameras sit within comparatively small protrusions at the lower edge of each a-pillar. Images are transmitted to interior screens within the doors. This concept enhances aerodynamic efficiency and emphasises that this electric sports-utility vehicle is futuristic. 

The “black panel” grille is the most striking exterior feature, however. It incorporates a smooth, glazed, finish that covers components such as the headlamps. More futuristic is the white illuminated Mercedes-Benz star. It complements illuminated blue lines that pay homage to the manufacturer's more classical grilles. 


The EQ interior is “characterised by contemporary luxury”, the manufacturer argued. With the exception of switches that electrically adjust the seats and are “typical” of the brand, it lacks traditional switches and knobs. Replacements come via the touch sensitive controls which are more reminiscent of a tablet interface.

A tablet-style screen replaces the traditional instrument cluster. It measures 53cm by 11cm and enables motorists to choose what information is shown. Pick a simple look, complex look, or something in between. It also incorporates a “world of colours” such as electric blue, white and rose gold, the manufacturer said.  

Mercedes-Benz reveals new branding

Mercedes-Benz confirmed that “EQ” stands for “electric intelligence”. This term relates to more than its latest concept car. It is a brand for a range of forthcoming battery powered models, so it is likely to be widely recognised in the near future.