posted 7 years ago

New Honda Civic Available Now

Good news. The new Honda Civic has a range of enhancements to make life easier.

Good news. The new Honda Civic has a range of enhancements to make life easier. These include its start/stop system that saves fuel by switching-off the engine while stationary in traffic. This complements the ECON button that optimises the throttle response, transmission, and climate control to minimise consumption. This technology – which is borrowed from the Honda Insight and Jazz Hybrid - is available on manual transmission variants including the 1.4 and 1.8-litre petrols. There is also a 2.2-litre diesel.

More good news. Every trim in the range has a five-inch screen to keep motorists up-to-date. It reveals: fuel consumption, climate control, and audio information. This complements the standard-fit alloys and USB connectivity. The new Honda Civic has a rear-wiper too, plus daytime running lights and a headlight-off timer. So, when the car is locked, its headlights continue to illuminate the parking area for fifteen seconds. This helps motorists approach their properties in the dark without falling-over next door's kitten.

Even more good news. The new Honda Civic has inherited its predecessor's numerous strengths. These include its confident handling, comfortable ride, and spacious cabin. This small family car also feels extremely robust, so it should outlast time. My only niggle is the slightly iffy styling that ensures it is unlikely to win any beauty contests. But never mind, the latest Civic is still a tremendous machine that deserves to sell better than sliced bread.