posted 8 years ago

New Hyundai i10 Faces Plastic Surgeon

Shock, horror! The new Hyundai i10 has had a facelift.

Shock, horror! The new Hyundai i10 has had a facelift. The skilful surgeon who performed the procedure has installed some striking new lights, stuck-on a revised grill, and added a couple of updated bumpers. That should keep this likeable city car looking fresh. Secondly, a new environmentally focused model has emerged from the operating theatre. This i10 Blue version has a 1.0-litre 67bhp engine, averages 67.3mpg, and has emissions of only 99g/km. Excellent, this means twelve months road tax costs precisely zero.

Alternatively, those who fancy a bit more poke can specify one of two, 1.2-litre petrol powered engines. These have outputs of 77 and 85bhp, so both versions feel reasonably nippy in town. Whichever engine you choose the new Hyundai i10 is virtually effortless to drive. This is due to its light steering, excellent visibility, easy gear-change, and the comfortable ride. That's not bad a small car that, thanks to a 'no VAT' offer, is available from only £7,100. Can you even get a simply tummy tuck for that?

Now, a low price can sometimes indicate low quality, but that is not the case with this particular town loving run-about. To emphasis this point the new Hyundai i10 comes – as standard - with a reassuring five-year warranty. This back-up has an unlimited mileage allowance, is transferable between owners, and complements the free twelve-month breakdown insurance. Hyundai also include a multi-year anti-perforation guarantee, that further cements their confidence in the vehicle's construction.

The new Hyundai i10 is clearly a capable, no-nonsense, short distance workhorse. It focuses on getting the job done without fuss or drama, and allows the image obsessed competition to worry about fashion, style, and status. So, this vehicle is perfect for those who simply want an easy to live with city car. Good effort Hyundai, you certainly chose the right plastic surgeon.