posted 6 years ago

New Hyundai i10 Style For £9,495

The Hyundai i10 Style - the strengths of a city car but without the weaknesses.

There is a problem … but the Hyundai i10 Style is the solution. The issue is that thousands of people want a vehicle with the strengths of a city car but without the weaknesses. Strengths, of course, include confident handling and low running costs. Here is Hyundai i10 Style excels. It therefore has nicely weighted steering, respectable performance (12.2 seconds to 62mph), a decent ride, and smooth five-speed manual transmission. Pint-sized proportions and excellent visibility make parking easy too. It is also cheap to run. As such it averages 61.4mpg, returns 68.9mpg on the extra-urban cycle, and manages 50.4mpg in town. The i10 Style can also be taxed annually for only £20 and sits in insurance group 12 of 50. This complements its happy-go-lucky styling, unpretentious image and classless appeal. But these strengths relate to various city cars.

Hyundai i10 Style Standard Features

The Hyundai i10 Style, however, lacks traditional city car weaknesses such as poor equipment. This can push motorists towards larger cars less suited to the city. Standard features include: air-conditioning, alloy wheels, four electric windows, power mirrors, the electric sunroof, MP3 playback, and an immobiliser. All for £9,495. Great … but the specification can be improved to rival cars in more expensive sectors. Extras include metallic paint for £425 and the electronic stability programme for £365. The former looks smart, the latter prevents the rear tyres losing grip on corners and spinning the car. This is worth every penny. Furthermore, climbing into the rear of city cars can be tricky if they only have three doors. Not the i10 Style. It has five doors plus a 225-litre boot. Cargo capacity is therefore far more than rivals such as the Fiat 500/Nissan Pixo. And - unlike some small cars – the rear seats fold flat to increase capacity to 910-litres. That is only 191-litres less than the Ford Focus Hatchback which, of course, is a family car.

But there is a problem … some people have no time for fancy equipment. For them, extras such as power mirrors are simply things to go wrong. Fair enough. The Hyundai i10 1.2 Classic is the solution. This entry-level trim has the same engine, performance, fuel efficiency, handling, doors, and boot as its sibling - but lacks most of the toys. Just the basics such as power steering and electric front windows remain. All for £8,345. There is also the mid-spec Active that costs £8,945 in manual form and £9,745 as an auto. This adds alloy wheel, air-conditioning, and electric rear windows to the Classic trim. Plus, every model has a five year warranty. That could be the solution to all kinds of problems.