posted 4 years ago

New Hyundai i20: Ingenious TV Advert

TV Advert Raises Profile Of New Hyundai Supermini

A New Hyundai i20 television commercial has raised the supermini's profile with clever artwork suggesting that ‘once you open your eyes to inspiration you see it everywhere'.

The first shot shows a rear wheel and space behind the car. At a glance, it looks like an old radio has been left on the floor. But no, it has been painted onto a wall in the background.

The i20 then moves towards a metal chain spanning from the front of the image to the rear. It looks like a cat is walking across but - once again - has been painted onto a wall.

Images in commercials are chosen to convey a message. Bear in mind that the voice over in the commercial claims 'once you open your eyes to inspiration you see it everywhere'. 

Hyundai could be hinting that people value art and artists need inspiration. So, it could be arguing that its car should be valued as – like artists - they needed inspiration to create it.

There is a perspective message too. The stereo/cat are not how they first appear. The same could be said for the car. Hyundai might be saying that people should take a second look. After all, Hyundai was once perceived as a budget brand but is now highly regarded.

The advert continues with a range of powerful images. Highlights include the zebra crossing that has been painted onto leaves and blows away as the vehicle drives over. 

This complements the cheerleader that has been painted onto the floor, with pom poms formed from weeds breaking through the surface of the tarmac. There are also large tentacles – possibly belonging to a rare sea creature - emerging from an office block. 

The final shot in the advert shows a front wheel of the car stop in a puddle. A 3-dimensional man in swimming shorts looks towards it. His life ring floats nearby.