posted 7 years ago

New Hyundai iLoad

Boo! The Hyundai iLoad has shocked lots of hard working load-luggers.

Boo! The Hyundai iLoad has shocked lots of hard working load-luggers. Why? Because some think of its manufacturer as a 'budget' brand that only produces 'uninspiring' products. Nope! These days Hyundai's range of cars is tremendous - and the iLoad panel van is capable too. Here comes the proof. This hold-all's capacity is 4.3m3, it carries 1,062kg worth of Hyundai brochures, and its maximum load-length is 2.5 metres. This capability is backed-up by a surprising five-year 100,000 mile warranty. Furthermore, this jaw dropping van has a 2.5-litre diesel engine that produces 116PS, plus a pleasing 343Nm of torque from 1,750 to 2,500rpm. That ensures the iLoad pulls nicely - even laden.

Gob-smacked van lovers choose from three well-equipped specifications. The Hyundai iLoad Classic has: sliding rear doors, a full bulkhead, and privacy-glazed rear windows. These complement the: RDS radio CD/MP3 player with steering wheel controls, and its anti-lock braking system. All from £14,090 plus VAT, etc. The iLoad Comfort adds: air-con, electric mirrors, and a passenger air-bag – and the high-end six-seater Crew Comfort has fixed rear seats too. These, of course, reduce its cargo capacity. The Comfort and Crew Comfort cost from £14,700 and £16,780 respectively – plus VAT, registration plates, VED, delivery, and the first registration fee. Still, this workhorse is worth every penny. Shocking!