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New In-Car Device Blocks Mobile Phones

CU80 Behaviour Device Helps Road Safety

The CU80 Behaviour Device stops the motorist using their mobile, laptop, tablet, and MP3 player on the move. Why? Because their use can be distracting, dangerous, and illegal. This Bluetooth device – which is small and rectangular – connects to the port that is typically found close to the steering wheel. The owner of the system then sets parameters via a web-based interface. As such the CU80 could block calls, texts, and a web browser but permit access to a phone-based sat-nav. The device can also be configured to enforce (or allow) calls through a hands-free systems - and it will not prevent the motorist phoning the emergency services. The CU80 also allows the driver to use his/her gadgets while parked but deactivates them within seconds of moving. Its manufacturer says this is the first system of its type in Europe and that it is compatible with almost every type of phone and device. It therefore benefits those who want to influence the behaviour of an inexperienced or business driver. The CU80 Device also monitors how far the vehicle has travelled and the motorist's driving style. Action can then be taken if it is not being driven appropriately. Interestingly, the West Bridgewater Police Department in the U.S. has recently championed a similar mobile inhibiting device.

Penalties For Using Mobile Phone While Driving

The penalties for using a hand-held mobile phone while driving can be significant, GOV.UK has reported. It can, for example, lead to a £60 fine plus three penalty points. If the motorist has twelve points a ban normally follows - although a driver with six points will be banned if he/she has been on the road less than two years. But even three points could increase insurance premiums for a significant time. A disqualified motorist could also lose their job if it requires a driving licence. Furthermore, in some circumstances a mobile user – who has a motorbike or car - could be sent to court then fined £1,000 and banned. In contrast, a goods vehicle/bus driver might have to pay £2,500. Worst case scenario the mobile phone user could be charged with causing death by dangerous driving. This, of course, can lead to imprisonment to say nothing of the human cost to everybody involved. But there is one exception. It is legal to use a hand-held mobile in the United Kingdom to contact the emergency services if it is unsafe or impractical to stop. Perhaps the CU80 Behaviour Device is a worthy investment (see:

Penalties for using a mobile while driving

Not sure that another gadget is the answer - after all, try introducing one that stops you speeding and wait for the howls about 'human rights' and 'big brother'. What we really need is for more people to be fined and awarded points for actual misuse of a hand-held mobile. At the moment, there's complete disregard for the law, presumably 'cos no-one knows anyone who's been 'done' for this. How about forward facing (non-flashing)cameras that take random numberplate and driver pictures? As I wait to join the traffic flow at the end of my road, at least 10% of passing motorists are on a hand-held phone, presumably as they've gotten used to getting away with it.

I have seen this years ago and remain unconvinced. Yes phones (inc text/email etc) are a serious problem but I don't see how this helps. The idiots who want to still use phones will disable it (and if can;t be disabled it's dangerous when an urgent call needs to be made, not just 999/112), and it can't distinguish between a driver and a passenger using the phone.

It is about time something like this came out, and yes lets make it illegal NOT to have one

it would have to be a world wide thing then, cos the amount of FORIEGN drivers that you see on the phone, watching things on their laptops with their feet up on the dash whilst driving,

Why do you have to fill in your personal information before they will allow you to know the price? So they can harass you if you decide it's too expensive, so you don't buy one?

Fine,but can the phone still record a call so one knows that one's had a call or text?

Can a passenger in the car use his/her phone?

Yes! Yes! Yes! And the sooner all cars have this device the better. Let's make it illegal NOT to have one.

Or you could just not use them? Simple really.....

And about time too. This is not rocket science and should have been introduced years ago !!