posted 7 years ago

New Infiniti Emerg-e Concept

Careful! The Infiniti Emerg-e is more striking than an electric shock.

Careful! The Infiniti Emerg-e is more striking than an electric shock. Not because it is propelled by electricity rather than petrol - and not because the production version of this concept car would handle perfectly - but because it looks absolutely astonishing. Now, that may sound shallow, but motor manufacturers must create 'stylish' and 'fun-focussed' electric cars if the technology is to be widely embraced. Ugly heaps that run-out of steam at 50mph cannot cut the mustard. So, check-out the Infiniti Emerg-e's muscular rear, the beautifully sculpted bonnet, purposeful nose, and in-your-face profile. If this car was human, it would be the offspring of a boxer and the world's most beautiful woman. Honest!

Infiniti is the luxury wing of Nissan and produces a range of capable cars. The Infiniti FX, for starters, is a Range Rover style machine This can feel slightly limited off-road, but is extremely capable on tarmac. Prices range from £46,750 to £58,250. The EX is the smaller alternative, and sits in the same class as the Land Rover Freelander. Expect to pay £37,130 to £45,810. The Infiniti G rivals the BMW 3 Series and comes in saloon, convertible, and coupé form. This costs from £33,549 to £45,235. Finally, the Infiniti M competes against the 5 Series and costs from £38,580 to £47,700. The Infiniti Emerg-e will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show on March 6th 2012. I must pack some AA batteries.