posted 6 years ago

New Infiniti Q50 on sale November

‘Executive’ and ‘Premium Executive’ versions

Order books opened back in June this year for the new Infiniti Q50 that goes on sale this November. The entry level 2.2 litre SE is priced from £27,950 and specification is at a very high standard including 17-inch alloy wheels and run-flat tyres plus LED in the rear light units. Scratch-shield paint is used to ensure unwanted minor scratches simply disappear, whilst chrome-trimmed twin exhaust pipes and halogen daytime running lights enhance the car’s sporting presence. Co2 emissions are less than 115g/km and the car returns an impressive 64 mpg.

The new ‘Executive’ version is specifically designed for business users it will be equipped to suit the higher mileage user with one of the most advanced satellite navigation systems and a highly competitive finance package on offer. Available as Executive and Premium Executive, with either manual or automatic transmission, the pricing starts from £29,870 and comes with a headline contract hire leasing rate of just £299.99 plus VAT per month (3+35 rentals, non maintenance, 10,000 miles a year). Higher specified versions, such as the Q50 Premium Executive with satellite navigation, heated and powered leather seats with memory and I-Key plus many other features, costs from £33,470 or with contract hire just £336.99 per month.

Infiniti UK Fleet Manager Hannah Bishop said “a car of this size, power and standard specification for under £300 a month (plus VAT) is a very attractive and competitive proposition for the business user. The new Executive versions offer everything a driver expects in a car and a great deal more besides, such as our InTouch technology with dual touch-screens for a ready-to-go digital mobile office.”

The hybrid version of the Infiniti Q50 is priced from £40,000 this version is capable of 0-62mph in 5.3 seconds and records co2 emissions of 155g/km, the fantastic performance is due to the direct application of electric boost to the drivetrain via an innovative twin clutch system. Standard on this model is sports suspension, regenerative braking and sports brakes and when the car is in electric mode there is an external noise system fitted to warn pedestrians when the car is moving at very slow speeds. 

There is no doubt that the new Infiniti Q50 will be a success, it is the newest and most individual entrant in the mid-size premium class to compete against rivals such as the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series. It offers a distinctive new take on the technology front. The combination of fast-responding Direct Adaptive Steering  the world’s first automotive steer-by-wire system  and Direct Response Hybrid powertrain results in the most advanced dynamic package available in the segment.