posted 8 years ago

New Insurance Laws take effect this spring

There will be some changes to car insurance this spring

There will be some changes to car insurance this spring due to the fact that there are many uninsured drivers on the road. David Evans Corporate Affairs Director for the DVLA said that “uninsured drivers are a menace on the roads, increasing honest motorist’s premiums by around £30.00.

All motorists must have car insurance unless the DVLA has been notified their car is off road. Car insurance information will be distributed with V11 tax renewal forms to highlight that insurance must be in place. The DVLA website has been updated to provide the correct information to motorists.

Neil Drane, MIB's Head of Motor Insurance Database Services, said "the change in law is a stepping up of enforcement activity, so that not only those vehicles driven without insurance will be caught. Now the registered keeper must make sure that their vehicle is insured all the time." He added that the DVLA and MID will be automatically checking to make sure levels of uninsured cars are brought down.

car insurance is now a post code lottary been driving for thirty years and now they want 1000 for a punto

The problem with uninsured drivers is easy to solve! Make the insurance companies reduce the extortionate price of motor policies. In the mid 80s I served in the army in Germany I drove a BMW 323i the insurance cost £247 per year with Albinia Insurance that included Fully Comprehensive cover and a full years Green Card Albinia is the same company as Norwich Union(or what they changed name to) I came on leave and enquired the cost of UK cover for the car with Norwich Union I was quoted £1048.50p and Norwich Union wanted an extra £22.00 per month for a Green Card too. When I asked why such a difference I was told it's what people in UK are prepared to pay. In germany 2 organisations ARAG & ADAC fight insurance companies in court if necessary to reduce insurance costs.ADAC is the german equivalent of the AA in UK. If the AA did a tenth of what ADAC & ARAG do insurance costs would be slashed to a fraction of the present premiums. It's another case of scalping customers and they know they have a captive audience. We have no alternative to paying what they ask(TELL)as a premium. It was cheaper for me to fly to Germany Insure my car fly back and save £420.00 from what I would have paid in UK.