posted 5 years ago

New Jaguar XJ with enhanced features

2014 model year interior upgrades

The 2014 model year Jaguar XJ boasts enhanced cabin luxury features and in-car technology. This car is already a luxurious sports saloon and now the bar has been raised even higher. 

The interior of the 2014 XJ features enhancements mainly to the rear cabin of the car, the rear passenger compartment of the 2014 LWB car is now available with two individual ‘airline style’ reclining seats which both feature cushion and squab adjustment, three massage programs; Wave/Rolling, Lumbar and Shoulder that provide optimum levels of relaxation during long journeys, lumbar adjustment and two memory settings for each seat. The total recline adjustment of each seat is eleven degrees, with 103mm lateral cushion movement and fourteen degrees of upper articulation movement. The new centre armrest, which can be stowed in the upright position to allow the use of the centre seat, houses all the seat controls as well as the Front Seat Activation button which allows control of the front passenger seat from the rear. There are seat enhancements to the front which include massage functions with five levels of intensity. Entertainment in the rear is equally as impressive, the optional Rear Seat Entertainment package comprises two 10.2” high-resolution screens mounted on the back of the front seat headrests. These can display inputs from a number of sources; the DVD player, digital TV tuner or an external media player that can be synced through the Rear Media Interface, which provides USB and RCA connections. There is also the option of audio transmitted through the wireless headphones, allowing each passenger to watch separate entertainment sources. The rear seat environment, including the entertainment, is managed by a wireless controller housed in the centre console which also allows passengers to alter their individual climate zones and seat heating and cooling functions.

Electric rear seat blinds 

The XJ also offers leather-surfaced business tables in the rear, which fold out of the seatbacks of the front seats and to keep rear seat passengers shielded from the sun, or to ensure privacy, the XJ offers electric rear-side window blinds that are operated via the window lift switches. The levels of comfort provided in the XJ are really quite remarkable.

The interior materials used include Bond grain, soft grain and semi-aniline leather plus a wide choice of veneers including Piano Black, Carbon Fibre, Gloss Burr Walnut and Satin Rosewood.

There is a huge choice of colours for the exterior of the car approximately fifteen in total; Polaris White, Ebony, Ultimate Black, Stratus Grey, Lunar Grey, Rhodium Silver, Cashmere, Osmium Blue, Dark Sapphire, Caviar, Carnelian Red, Black Amethyst, Italian Racing Red, British Racing Green and Satellite Grey.